These Teens Staged a Fake Proposal - and you’ll Never Guess Why

Public proposals might not be everyone's cup of tea, but they have their benefits

There are all sorts of perks to a public proposal; think the applause of everyone nearby, hearty congratulations, and maybe even a free dessert, if you’re in a fancy restaurant.

While we love a free cheesecake as much as the next person, we have to say, we’re not sure we’d go to the lengths of these teenagers in order to get one.

The pals from Texas staged a fake proposal, just in order to get a free sweet treat - and they certainly pulled out all the stops to make their engagement convincing.

Domitrovich, the lucky lady, said: “When I went to the bathroom, Alex told the waitress he was proposing to his girlfriend and that he wanted it on video. So when I got back from the bathroom, he told me we were taking a picture.”

“He then bent down on one knee and began his speech. I ended up getting a bit nervous so I accidentally cut him off in the middle of his spiel, but I said yes and everyone clapped!”

The prank was such a success, the pair are planning to do it all over again - what jokers!

Did you and your husband-to-be get any perks, pudding or otherwise, when you got engaged?


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