You can now Live your Princess Dream and get Married at Disneyland Paris

Channel Cinderella with a magical wedding at Disneyland Paris

Imagine starting your happily ever after at Disneyland Paris… a dream come true, right?!

Couples have long been able to tie the knot at Disneyland in the USA, but for those who want to get married closer to home, this is the most magical news of 2017 so far!

Let's hope Sleeping Beauty doesn't need her driveway...
Let's hope Sleeping Beauty doesn't need her driveway...

With Sleeping Beauty’s castle as the spellbinding backdrop, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings offers the chance for couples to create a truly unforgettable moment with two options: Royal Wedding Collections where couples can design an entirely personalised celebration and Romantic Wedding Collections where you can choose the celebration that best suits your dreams, from the venue to which characters turn up to your reception. 

All you need to do is pack your Disney inspired wedding dress and skip off into the sunset, ready to marry your prince charming.

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