Do you know the couple in this wedding picture?

A candid wedding snap has gone viral as the photographer tries to find the newlyweds.
Photo | Jennifer Jo Stock Photography
Photo | Jennifer Jo Stock Photography

A spontaneous picture of newlyweds wading into the sea has gone viral, after the photographer who took it asked her followers to help her find the couple.

Jenny, from Lancashire, was taking pictures of stingrays while on holiday in the Cayman Islands, and was ready to pack up, when the couple suddenly arrived. 

Seeing a great photo opportunity, she started snapping away, and ended up with this beautiful shot of them half submerged in the water, with the bride's wedding dress floating above the stingrays.


Photo | Jennifer Jo Stock Photography
Photo | Jennifer Jo Stock Photography

Jenny wrote on her Facebook page, "I shot over 2000 stingray shots and felt like I had exhausted every possible Southern Stingray idea in my brain and I began to board my boat to go home, exhausted but happy. When suddenly a newly wed couple arrived. The bride was still in her wedding dress! 

"I thought this was a perfect opportunity to take a split shot. This shot I call Dressed for Adventure and for me it captures the beginning of a new life together, one where a couple will brave the troubles of the world hand in hand. The couple march confidently towards the clouds in the left of frame ignoring the beasts at their feet; this is an adventure they will brave together."


Now, the 34-year-old has taken to social media to find the couple and give them the shot as a souvenir. She did ask them for permission to take the picture, but with everyone in the sea at the time, they didn't have pens or phones to exchange contact details.

Can you help her find them?


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