5,520,379 bottles of Champagne will be drunk at weddings this year

Sounds like rather a large hangover!

We already know how many glasses of champagne there are in a bottle, but what we weren’t aware of was that 5,520,379 bottles of the fizzy stuff are set to be consumed at weddings this year!

A survey by Red7 revealed that 221,169 weddings will take place in England and Wales this year, which means on average, 24 bottles of champagne will be drunk per wedding - sounds reasonable to us! (As long as there’s prosescco, too)

Drink up!
Drink up!

The survey also revealed that this year, there will be 663,507 bridesmaids walking down the aisle, and an estimated £138,230,625 will be spent on bridesmaid dresses - we’ll be stocking up on Missguided’s budget bridesmaid dresses, we think!

When it comes to the bride’s dress, around £26,739,332 will be be spent in total on wedding dresses, with the average wedding dress costing £832 - thanks to the influx of high street wedding dresses.

After spending all of that money, it’s understandable you’d want photographic evidence, so it makes sense that around 88,467,600 wedding photographs will be snapped this year - that’s enough to fill a few albums for sure!

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