This Amazing Bouquet is made of CAKES!

Mr Kipling has taken it upon himself to design a bouquet, and it is exceedingly good

We’re not sure about you, but if we were asked to choose between flowers or cake, we’d find it really tricky to pick which one.

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Mr Kipling has taken that decision out of our hands by creating the bou-cake. You guessed it, it’s a huge bouquet filled with cakes!

From childhood faves bakewell tarts to french fancies and battenburgs, the beautiful bouquet is full to the brim with sweet treats, complemented by 80 lovely pink roses.

The bou-cake took over 12 hours to create, and if your fiancé wanted to splash out on it for you, he’d need to part with £400!

While munching our way through the bouquet would totally derail our wedding diet, we can’t deny we’d still love to have it delivered to our desk on Valentine’s Day.

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The most delicious bouquet we ever did see
The most delicious bouquet we ever did see

If you totally love this idea but want to put more of a wedding-friendly slant on it, make sure you check out our edit of the best floral wedding cakes - flowers and cake are a pretty winning combination after all!


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18/05/2017 at 13:50

This is the kind of bouquet I want. Wedding or any occasion, this will do, it can serve as a bouquet and a dessert at the same time. If I have one, you can probably catch me having a nip at it while walking the pedestal. But I am so far from some wedding event yet as I am still trying to finish school and at present I am working on my term paper with some help from procustomwriting.


03/05/2017 at 14:33

Shame you haven't credited the florists who created these amazing pieces for Mr Kipling! It was Forever Green in Beaconsfield, Bucks if anyone is looking for them.