Your Wedding Day as Told in Gemma Collins GIFs

Queen of memes Gemma Collins perfectly describes the wedding planning process - scroll down, and prepare to lol

We don't know about you, but we've got a real soft spot for Gemma Collins. It all started when the sassy queen told Arg he would not be getting any of her candy, and has only grown since she's become the ultimate meme superstar.

So we decided to get on the bandwagon, and gather together all the times that a Gemma Collins meme or gif perfectly sums up how we've felt during wedding planning.

Scroll down for endless fun.

When you and your bridesmaids walk into the club on your hen night 

When your mother-in-law-to-be suggests you don't need to serve tea and coffee with your cake 

When you're showing off your moves on the dance floor during your hen - after a few too many tequilas.

When you finally convince your husband-to-be that you NEED glitter table cloths

When all your fellow brides-to-be are talking about their extravagant weddings and you're trying your best to keep up

When you're desperately trying to get your hair perfect on your wedding morning - and deeply regretting not booking a professional

When your mum questions quite how much you're spending on your honeymoon

When somebody suggests you have evening only guests 

When your husband-to-be requests a blue colour scheme, rather than the originally planned pink


When you reveal your first-night lingerie to your brand new husband ;)

When you make your grand entrance on w-day 

When you graciously accept all the compliments about what a beautiful bride you make 

When you're horribly hungover after your hen party, but are styling it out like an absolute queen 

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