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We're completely winging this.. 25 May 2019


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I'm sure you will find a beautiful dress, and because they have such good corsetry they instantly take a dress size off you anyway! I thought I wanted a button back dress but the corset back dresses did so much more for my figure.

Thanks, I do love my dress.....I've always really loved more fit and flare/trumpet styles but I tried them and they looked awful...rather than going with a set idea you really should just go with what suits your body type then choose. A line/princess cut is really the most flattering cut for most ladies apparently.

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Sounds like all your planning is coming along well! Very exciting! Nearly on the the year count down...

Make sure you update about your dress shopping! So excited for you for this. Enjoy yourself & make are you try on all sorts. Have fun! x


Thanks! I know, can't quite believe it. I'm fluctuating between fear and excitement for dress shopping. Need to put on my big girl pants (quite literally) and take a breath and actually enjoy it. 

I'll update after the weekend, hopefully with pictures! 


Hey! Just read all your thread, we are date twins but you're a year after :) 

I really loved dress shopping, just try to relax if you can and enjoy it. Allow yourself lots if time to reflect on what you liked and go for a second try if you want. It can be overwhelming if you try a lot on but it is really fun too. Enjoy!!

Loving your plans!


Dress shopping- shop 1! 

Had my first day dress shopping today. I wont lie, not everything fit over my arse. It was slightly disheartening but the ladies were lovely. Some they held in front of me, which didnt hugely help but nevermind. after the initial part of fear where I was basically stood in my pants cupping my boobs, I actually got into it and started to enjoy myself. 

Anyway. Onto the dresses. I had a vague idea of what I wanted but went in open minded. 

Off I trotted to the first shop with my Mum and sister. They have a sale room which we looked through first. Then we got shown into the main room which is where the fun began!

firstly I tried some princess style dresses (small selection)!

there was was just too much dress for me! But never mind, I tried them. 

I tried a few fishtail numbers on, and the more fitted style was more my style. I didn't like a huge amount of bling, and i also tried lots of lace on which I didn't particularly suit me. Or so I thought! 

Move on to Callie, by Maggie Sottero. I think she might be the one (Or did until I saw the price 🙈). Here she is

I really want to try her on again after I've lost half a stone or so. She's a bit short so I would need to order an extra length. Shes also majorly over budget. The straps were also an extra £130, but I definitely would want them. 

So off we pootled to lunch to have a little think, and prepare for our second shop. 




Shop 2 and 3! 

so shop 2 is a bit of a let down. We basically spotted it on the drive past and thought we'd chance it, as they had a sale on. We went in and the lady said we could have a look round but she had an appointment coming in in half hour and should have booked. Everything she pulled out for me was hide and blingy. So we left and went for a drink to wait for the next appointment. 

Shop 3 was lovely. A bit smaller than shop 1 but the lady was super friendl. It was bloomin hot in there and at one point she had to go and open the door because I was going lightheaded! 

Anyway. I was convinced to try this on. I do like it, but it needs sleeves. I think I only like it because its similar to the Maggie but cheaper, which isn't a good enough reason on reflection. anyway, I digress...


And here we have possible dress number 2. Because I'm a moron I only got the name of the dress and not designer. ive had a look on the shop website but can't see it. Anyway. She's too short (can you see a pattern here...). She's much more reasonably priced than Callie. Although there is a smaller train. Without further ado, meet lucky potential lady number two... Caterina 


Again, I'd like to try her in once I've lost a bit more weight. 

 Both Callie and Caterina are quite similar. I'm going to shop number 4 on Wednesday so who knows, we may have another option to choose from!


Wow the Maggie Sottero is stunning! I know I'm biased about Maggies but it really is amazing.

I actually really love the first satin dress on you too!! But the strapless dress from shop 3 is dreamy too.....

My only regret about dress shopping is that I only tried 4 dresses, one of which I didn't even want to try but the lady made me!  I'm considering a sneaky trip to Wed2B just to confirm my choice in my mind 😂😂 So it's great you are trying lots on, and you have a great figure so can rock any style 😀

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Thank you.. I’ll be honest I came out feeling a bit chunky and naff about myself. 

I’ve just had a Chinese takeaway to make myself feel better (I know 🙈). I’m going to put off ordering for a few months to see if I can drop some more weight to see how they fit. 


You look fab and have a great figure!  I know women are never happy with their figures but you really do look great 😁

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Thanks MrsC!

I’ve found a shop near me that’s doing 10% off Maggie dresses until the end of May with £250 free accessories, so I’d get the hoop and hopefully some straps and maybe veil included. That brings it down to nearly in the budget, instead of wayyyy over as before. I’m going to see how I get on then maybe make an appointment later in the month to try on Maggie again. 

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I like the Maggie dress, but LOVE LOVE LOVE the first satin dress on you - it suits your figure beautifully; the shape really is stunning in you! 


Firstly you look great in all of them, I love the first satin one but the Maggie you love is by far the nicest one, it just has that extra something to it. That’s great news about the discount and if you can get it within near budget and love it then go for it. I think I read your going to  another shop, try on a few more and then go back try it again and take it from there. X

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It's a lovely dress! Have you thought about selling it afterwards to recoup some of the costs ? xx


Love the first ball gown on you! But the Maggie is stunning. I absolutely love the straps, she really is a beauty! youve given me the incentive to bite the bullet and make some appointments & to get myself to Tesco and meal prep for the week as I know I’ll feel better going. You have a gorgeous figure already by the way! 


My shop did 10% off during the trunk show but obviously I bought the sample - it may be worth ringing round to find out if any stockists near you are selling samples?

There are a couple of Callies on eBay......

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