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Wedding Of My Dreams - June 2018


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New bride

I have this dress and we get married in July 2018. It’s absolutely stunning! I’m intrigued to see how you accessorise. I’m still uncertain with hair and accessories! 

Wedding addict

Hi lindsey53. 

The dress is stunning. Have you got yours yet. I can't stop trying it on when I go onto mams shop. Go online and get a bigger dress bag. The one mine came with was really small and all scrunched in. So got a bigger one so it had more room at bottom for the big train. 

I'm starting to look at accessories now. I think I necklace my be too much so thinking a bigger tiara than normal. Drop earings. Little bracelet ? 

Defo having hair up with cathedral veil. Want to show all the back of the dress off since that's the main eye catcher on it. 


Wedding addict

Girls dresses have came and they are fantastic quality ! All of them fit ok. But the girls have said it's just extra lbs from Xmas 😂🙈 told them not to worry as official fitting arnt till April it's just I was dying to see what they looked like in them. 

Had a bit of a mare with their shoes. They all had different opinions on what they wanted... 

With jan sales on wan5ed to get them quick. Sent loads of different designs via watsapp group. By the time they agreed on a pair they had sold out as I need size. 4. 6. 8. Sister O started sending £70 pairs in the group.... ermmm haven't got that much money for all 3 of yous petal! 

Had a little moan 9n about it to Mr.B he said. Just get what you want and don't give them a choice... So that's exactly what I done ! 

Bargain for £12 each and the girls loved them. 

Not having much luck attaching photo of them.

Wedding addict


What a bloody nightmare. If I knew it would be this much hassle to DIY it. I would put extra money aside and get them made.... never mind though... So far I have 20 complete done.... only 80 to go..... and all need decoration on the front. Need to get them out ASAP as RSVP date is 2nd of April. 

After work today going to set a goal of getting 40 done. Then use my weekend off next weekend to get them all done and sealed up. 

Again. Won't upload a photo. Will have to try from laptop later. Xxx

Wedding addict

Mission Wedding Dress Diet. 

So with just over 5 month to go. I really want to drop some weight... to think I was a nice slim size 10 when I met Mr.B and as everyone knows yous both get comfortable over the years and the weight piles on from nowhere ! 

So started Monday just gone (8th jan) went though all the cupboard-fridge-freezer and chucked all the crap out... trip to Aldi and stocked up on good foods and bought a pair of bathroom scales... my godness im 13st11lbs. I'm at the biggest I have ever been. So I'm aiming for 2st. Went to mothers and got her exercise bike and done half an hour each night. Also must take my measurements as not fussed in how much weight lost would nice to see results from inches. 

Snacking is defo my problem. Any other brides know of any good snacks apart from fruit and veg sticks ? 


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