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MrsJ2017 wrote (see post):

That lace looks so pretty 😍

It is so beautiful. I really cannot wait to get my veil. My only concern now is that it is going to be heavy as it’s a one tier fully edged lace veil and that I won’t be able to have the hairstyle I am hoping to have. 



I had my hair and makeup trial today. It went very well. I’ve decided on an elegant updo and natural makeup. Was wearing individual lashes but had to abandon them as couldn’t wear my glasses. We also tried half up/down but that really didn’t suit me. It felt very real today.

I also found my dress and now currently trying to work out how to pay for it! It’s a Mori Lee design called ’Keely’ it’s absolutely beautiful and everything I wanted! I will be ordering in the coerect size and will get it altered down. I’m done stressing myself over my diet!

My veil is nearly complete and it will be with me on Wednesday. I can’t wait.


A few updates on the wedding front but will post about them later but now I am getting ready to go and re try my dress and order it. Excited!



I went back to the bridal shop (not the original one where my first dress was from) to retry on the dress I loved. I still loved it and I have now ordered it! It arrives in August. The dress had only been in store for 4 days and it was one of those ‘it looks awful on the hanger’ type dresses and was a bit big. I am worried about not wearing a bra in this dress but they have said that they can add extra boning and padding on the bust to give more support as I am not blessed in being perky 😂

Here is the dress. It’s by Mori Lee.

Following on from florist gate she has agreed to look at our centrepieces as well as our other flowers. She has agreed in principle to let us have different and cheaper centrepieces as long as we still plan to decorate the staircase. We are planning to BUT she will have to definately change to the cheaper option centrepieces because me getting a new dress has completely tapped out the budget. We’re meeting her next week at the venue so we shall see what happens.

My veil has arrived from Blossom & Bluebird and it’s absolutely beautiful, heavy but beautiful! It’s currently hanging up in a veil bag. I’ll try and get a good picture of it and post it.

RSVPs are slowly trickling in, just want them all to be back now so that we can send the second round of invites out.

I am not sure as to whether I am going to continue my planning thread or write a report as I feel like I am talking to myself sometimes and I get a little disheartened at times. We shall see......


VegasLou wrote (see post):

So happy it’s all coming together for you. Love your hair like that. Enjoy trying your dress on again today and placing the order, very exciting! 

Thank you. Going to get her to put the bun slightly higher as I don’t want my veil to fall out from underneath it as it’s very heavy!


I wouldn’t worry about talking to yourself! I think most people just read on the run and not necessarily comment! I don’t comment much but I love reading all the planning threads and reports. Hardly anyone has commented on mine but I’ll still keep with it as I’m doing it for me rather than other people. I also think more people get interested the closer it gets to the big day!! 

So don’t be disheartened, I always read yours when it’s updated. Dress looks fab! Glad the florist is starting to be a bit more helpful!! 


Please carry on this planning thread!!! I read the whole thing in one go and was really sad to read that you might stop!


Your new dress is beautiful, lots of people are reading your thread please keep posting.




Well I have decided to carry on my planning thread as it will be something to look back on 😁

Me and H2B have a jammed packed Sunday with wedding things at the venue. First off we have our engagement shoot with our photographer which we are excited for, secondly we are meeting our venue stylist to dress tables and chairs and decide on our final look and thirdly we have a meeting with our florist to go over everything and to rework the budget so that we can have our stair buying another dress has meant that we have to jig some things to keep us on track with all the final payments.

My MOH has decided to take a step back from the wedding. It has left us in the lurch slightly because she was meant to be coming to all our outstanding meetings etc and now that’s all up in the air. I haven’t contacted her and left her to it. She would kindly take us to the venue etc and we would repay her by going out for dinner etc and paying. She said she is still going to be part of the day but she wasn’t specific as to what that means. She is also planning my hen party 3 weeks before the wedding but now I am not sure if that’s happening. She said the stress of being involved in my wedding has put a strain on her marriage and keeping her from her children. I’ve made it clear since day one that I won’t plan anything that will clash with her work/family/life. Weddings bring out people true colours 😟

My veil is hanging up in its bag. I haven’t been able to get a decent picture of it without taking it out of its bag and I just don’t want to do that because I don’t want to get it dirty.

The dress regrets are back with my new dress. It’s mainly because it’s an illusion back and I have GG cup books which need a lot of support. I know they said they will add boning and cups to the dress but I am worried that it won’t be enough! Plus I really want a belt but can’t find anything suitable because my dress is very blingy!

Here is a Mori Lee belt that I love which is on a dress with the same lace/appliqué/beading as my dress. Only issue is that it’s £225, way too much for me!


I am glad you ended up getting the veil. I have heard do many great things about that etsy shop.

Your new dress is stunning. I really like Mori Lee. Could you perhaps wear a stick on bra? Although I'm sure they can sort the boning. I have the same issue with my dress. I need to figure out what to do.

Beautiful hair trial too. Cannot wait to see pictures of you all made up at your wedding.

Damn guests are annoying aren't they. Not looking forward to the RSVP stage


DandelionBlue wrote (see post):

I am glad you ended up getting the veil. I have heard do many great things about that etsy shop.

Your new dress is stunning. I really like Mori Lee. Could you perhaps wear a stick on bra? Although I'm sure they can sort the boning. I have the same issue with my dress. I need to figure out what to do.

Beautiful hair trial too. Cannot wait to see pictures of you all made up at your wedding.

Damn guests are annoying aren't they. Not looking forward to the RSVP stage

I've tried a stick on bra but because I don't have firm perky ones it did nothing for me. I'm going to have faith in the seamstress to do her magic. Might ask her to extend the boning to pull me in a bit more if magic knickers don't work 😂😂 roll on August!

I loved my hair at the trial, going to get her to make the bun slightly more higher so the veil can sit underneath it more as not really wanting to put it on top of the bun. As for the veil, I highly recommend Sian, she was so patient and lovely and the veil was well worth the price.

Guests are annoying me. How they think it's acceptable not to return their RSVPs is beyond me. I've made it clear, no reply then your off the list!!


Well today we spent a few hours at the venue with the florist, venue stylist and had our engagement photo shoot. I’ll update more later but I feel much more happier with everything and the florist was absolutely amazing!


So today we went to the venue to meet with our florist, stylist and photographer. The florist was absolutely amazing and we’ve finally agreed to what we can do to get all the flowers that we want. We are keeping the original centrepieces but having smaller arrangements instead of the original large ones. We’re losing the pedestal and 2 flower vases as they didn’t really match the look we was trying to achieve so that saved us £350. They came up with an amazing staircase decoration design idea which will look absolutely stunning and H2B upgraded my bouquet to a downward spray which I wanted from the outset. We’re having hurricane vases on the memorial table and a smaller arrangement on the gift table. They’re also going to throw in some votives and tea lights for free everywhere. We’ve got some wonderfully smelling vanilla waffle tea lights from ikea so we will be using them. There will also be some small Custer vases to go with the table centres as well as candles. The idea is to keep it classic and elegant without being too much. Below are some pictures of my bouquet inspired, new table centres and some of the foliage we’re adding. We’re also having some gypsophilia too.

We also dressed a table in our colours. The original plan was to have sequin table runners with a pink overlay but when we did it we decided it was too OTT and didn’t match our theme, instead we’ve settled on a simple silver sequin table runner, gold beaded charger plates and white napkins with napkin rings. The chairs are chair covers and a rose gold sequin cuff, it looks stunning and for the reception we’re having white chiffon drops and a diamanté broach.

Only stumbling block is we’ve hired a flower wall which was initially going to be behind the string quartet but it’s slightly bigger than the space we was hoping it would go. We was then going to put it behind the registrars table but it would block out all the windows so we need to find a solution as to where it can go! Other than that me and H2B are very happy.

Engagement photo shoot went well, we should have the pictures in a week or so. I forgot to change my shoes so ended up wearing flats rather than my heels. H2B is a foot taller than me so I need the height 😂😂 I am going to have a boudoir shoot in July with our photographer to get some nice pictures, boost my confidence and give H2B a little wedding day surprise.

Inspo pictures:

Table centres

My bouquet


Dusty miller foliage

Eucalyptus foliage


 The table layout. Obviously they’ll be centrepieces, candles etc plus different favour boxes White chiffon drop and broach for the wedding reception chairs

 The dreaded white chair covers with the rose gold sequin cuff for the ceremony

 Window where we was going to put the flowerwall. Have to reassess otherwise the room will be very dark!



I’ve gone and booked fireworks! We’re having a low noise display, approximately 7 minutes duration with a personalised finale at the end! It’s a surprise for H2B and I really can’t wait. Come rain or shine it’s happening 😁😁 now I just need to double check timing with our photographer as I need her to capture some pictures. We have a 12 hour package so we should be fine.


7 months to go!!! How did that happen? We’ve been engaged for 15 months almost 😍😍😍



I have had my eye on a jewellery set from Alan Hannah but was waiting for it to come in the sale so I could get it and today there was a sale with 20% off plus an extra 10% because it was the first time I ordered from their website direct. I did have a set already which my MOH got me but the clasp is faulty on the bracelet and necklace and the company wouldn’t do anything about it and I didn’t want to wear something that I may lose.




I think these will go beautifully with my dress. I’m going back to the bridal shop Tuesday to try on some belts, underskirt hoops, my new veil  and also to see if the belt I currently have from my first dress will match but I have a feeling that it won’t.