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December 2018 over-excited bride to be!!


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Now we are at 26 days to go which sounds hideously close!!! 

I had my hen do at the weekend which was awesome!

it was planned by my bridesmaid, I gave her a list of people I wanted to invite and then she just got on with it.  It was a total surprise, I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going or even who was coming!

I dropped my daughter at school on the Friday morning and was then told to wait at home to be picked up. The weeks leading up to the hen do I’d been told to bring clothes that could get wet and muddy and outdoor footwear etc so the night before I kept getting tagged in Facebook posts about people’s waterproof shoes and coats not being delivered and searching for ponchos etc so I started to get a bit suspicious that I was being led on! 

On the Friday morning I again started getting tagged in Facebook posts with my friends putting their location as an Alpaca walking farm in East Sussex saying they were waiting for me!! Now I definitely knew I was being wound up as East Sussex is about an hour and a half away from where I live and I hadn’t even been picked up at that point!! 


I eventually got picked up at 10.30 by my Mum and my auntie. I was made to wear a blindfold but I kept being really annoying and guessing which way the car was going so they decided to throw me off the scent by going round roundabouts a few times and going in the opposite direction!

Eventually we arrived at a local spa hotel called Old Thorns and I started to feel relieved!

So we did a spa day which was lovely, I had a massage, chilled out in the thermal suite, read magazines etc. We then had afternoon tea. There was 7 of us at this point, whilst I was a tiny bit disappointed that most of my friends had decided not to do this bit it was actually a really good number as too many would have made it over crowded!

I was told to bring a rubber duck and the idea of that was to get the duck in as many photos as I could! I started off well but it didn’t last!! 



I was then told that for the evening everyone else I’d invited would arrive and there was a Dirty Dancing tribute night in the hotel which we were going to. This included a 3 course meal, the tribute and DJ plus staying over. So we went back to our rooms (mine was decorated with Alpaca pictures and balloons!) to get ready and then we met everyone else at 7pm for pre dinner drinks.

i had the best evening, lots of dancing and drinking and catching up with friends!! Apparently I looked too sober at one point so my auntie (!!) bought me shots of tequila and sambuca! That certainly made me drunker!! 

I had a real mix of people that I’d invited. All from different friendship groups but everyone got on really well.

Me and my bridesmaid who organised everything

Me my mum and my sister

wont bore you with anymore photos as I have lots!! But I had a fab night, yummy breakfast the next morning and then we chilled out at the spa again for the morning (those who stayed), had coffee in Starbucks about 1pm and then headed home. 

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