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7th June 2018 - Our Country House Wedding


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Wedding addict

So today I got round to finally sorting out M’s presents for the morning of the wedding.

With some of our guests staying over and us all having breakfast together the following morning I wanted to get him something cheesy to wear - because if you can’t do it the day after your wedding, when can you!? So I got him this t-shirt with ‘hubby‘ on... I had pinned the matching ‘wifey’ one on my Pinterest board and he was having a look over my shoulder at it and asked when I would wear it so I said about my breakfast idea and I’m hoping he went and got one there & then, otherwise he’ll have forgotten by now!

Next was cufflinks (theyre in the little black box) Standard really. I would have loved to have got him some lovely meaningful ones but part of his marvel theme was to give each of the boys, him included, a marvel character and have the cufflinks/socks. He is Captain America. I’m literally rolling my eyes at this but hey, it’s his big day too! He’s got socks too in the same style of the other boys. He’s also got a bottle of his favourite beer and an engraved wooden bottle opener that says ‘My Hubby x’ and a ‘Don’t For Husbands‘ book.

The tie pin in there is a bit special. Before I met M he lost his Grandad. I’m really sad that I didn’t get the meet him as M absolutely idolised him. We were talking about the wedding one day and he made a comment about being said that he wouldn’t be able to have a drink with his Grandad. This is a picture of him and his Grandad when he was little which I have had made in to a tie pin. I’m hoping it’ll ease any sadness he’s feeling on the day.

I’ll also get him a card and some chocolate or something to ‘finish‘ the box off!

His main gift is a pocket watch. It had his surname on the back of the clock face and is gold. I have got ‘Until the end of time...’ engraved on the back of it but do not like how they have done the spacing which is really playing on my mind. I ordered it months ago so don’t know if it’s a bit cheeky to message now. I may be changing this but it was expensive so not sure what to do... 


Wedding addict

Next job is to sort out the boxes for Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Father of the Groom and the Mums. I’ve got everything ready for them but just need to put them all together. Really looking forward to doing this! These are things that we are going to give them on the morning of the wedding...

We’ve also got ‘Thank You‘ Gifts for speeches which I need to DIY for the Bridesmaids and Groomsmens so that is a work in progress! We’ve got bits for my Mum and her partner and M’s Mum and Dad too. I’ve got a few days off next week that I am hoping will be super productive... for anyone that is reading then I’ll keep you updated!! :)

Wedding addict

So our wedding invites have been handed/posted out! They are probably the thing that I deliberated about for the longest & changed my mind about, numerous times. I kept telling myself that they are only invites and people would like them whatever they look like because they are pleased to be part of The day and pleased to be asked... At the same time, after the save the dates, they are the first thing that people get to give them a feeling of your wedding day, so it’s so important that they are right! Anyway, here are ours...


Wedding addict

So this weekend I was working nights and had a bit of time when I got up and was slobbing in my PJ’s to put together the boxes for our Mums... I am so pleased with them! Both Mums are getting ready with me on the morning of the Wedding along with M’s Grandma and the Bridesmaids. So they’ll both be getting hair & make up done and I have got them a silk gown to wear along with this...



Loving your gifts - really thoughtful 

I've just ordered personalised vaseline tins for my BMs and looking forward to collecting other little bits for them. xx

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