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Estimated Due Dates

CFW -  30th June Team Blue :blue:

Lauren242 - 5th July Team Blue :blue:

MrsLK - 10th July  Team Yellow :yellow:

MrsE - 11th July  Team Yellow :yellow:

Wibs77 - 15th July Team Yellow :yellow:

MrsDee - 19th July  Team yellow :yellow:

Pinkyperky - 20th July 

MrsMc - 22nd July Team pink :pink:

Bec2010  - 24th July  Team Yellow :yellow:

Lou85  - 6th August Team Blue :blue:

Legend - 23rd August Team pink :pink:

Lotts - 24th August 

Tadpole - 25th August Team Yellow :yellow:

MrsC - 27th August :blue:


Well decided to put my brave pants on and start a thread for the ladies due in July and August 

Will add due dates when we're safely past 12 weeks 

So as I put on other thread I've booked a scan for next Friday at 4pm so counting down the days til that, really hope all is well

Anyone else had any weird symptoms..

This is possibly tmi but my nipples have doubled in size and my boobs have started growing as well That and this weird vibrating sensation in my abdomen   

Hope we all have a happy and healthy 9 months 



I've been worrying as I feel really normal today - boobs are a tiny bit sore but not too bar & I'm not as tired as I have been. Of course I'm now thinking there's something wrong!

I'm still really struggling when I brush my teeth - it makes me gag, but no sickness yet. I'm only 6+2 though so plenty of time for it to kick in.

Scan at EPU on Monday - I'm so anxious :-(


I know what you mean MrsE, Hubby said can you wait for your nhs scan, I was like no chance 

Desperate to know everything is ok and how many there is  I'll be 12 weeks bang on Christmas week so am thinking my nhs scan will be after Christmas, which is a pain.

Not long now though for you scan i'm sure everything is fine.



I'm 12 weeks on the 20th Dec so I'm hoping we can squeeze in before Christmas (all being well!)

Do you have your midwife appointment booked?  


No haven't booked one yet. Will probably sort that next week 



Hi ladies! 

If fertility friend is right I'm due on 22nd of July! I'e booked my scan for 12th of Jan and midwife appointment is 20th of December. 

My boobs are still really tender and achey and my stomach is stretching and sore. As this is my second I'm sure I'll start to expand a bit quicker :/

Finding myself a bit more emotional than usual...peeing a LOT and also sneezing a lot??? Explain that one haha


Hi ladies 

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday so far. We will be in our new bedroom tonight but not with the mattress we bought long story there! 

We are also babysitting my dads two 6 month old pups which is interesting shall we say, they like to whine a lot and also like being let out really early so I've been going to bed early to try and get enough sleep. 

It's raining here so looks like a mostly inside day 

MrsMc sorry would of left you to do the honours if I'd known you were happy to start a thread  Great that you know your dates already, I won't get my 12week scan date til after I've seen midwife which I can't do until i'm 8-9 weeks, am going to book my booking in appointment next week

I'm still getting the twitching in my belly seems to be nearly non-stop hope that means they/it is nice and strong. Anybody getting this? I had it a bit last time but nowhere near as much

Am counting down the days til next Friday  


I'm getting some cramping but it's not too painful. Hoping We see a little heart fluttering on Monday! 


Yeah mrsL I am getting sort of popping cramps in different places. I think thats the bean burrowing  (that' kid of what it feels like) but I dunno. 

My wrists and fingers are also sore which must be the start of the stretching hormone reaching my muscles. I didn' enjoy that part last time! 

I've completely lost my appetite unless it's fish and chips lol 

Good luck for Monday MrsE xxx


MrsMc doesnt sound like a bad appetite to have 

MrsE not long now til your scan im sure you will see a heartbeat 

Well hubby just treated me to breakfast in bed  still need more furniture for new room.

Tummy still vibrating loads 


Hi girls, I suppose I will tentatively join this thread 🙈

Ovia and Glow Nurture put me at 4 + 4 today and my EDD is the 18th or 19th of July depending which one you believe. I realise this will change with time though. 

I meet my midwife on the 30th (7 + 1) and once my husband get back 2 weeks tomorrow and he actually knows we’re expecting, I’ll see what he thinks about booking an early reassurance scan. I don’t really want to tell anyone else before we’ve seen if we definitely have a heartbeat, but eith party season approaching I think it’s going to be too hard to hide it from at least my family because they know I love a wine especially around Christmas!

I haven’t really had any symptoms so far apart from period-like cramps every evening which were worrying at first but if you go by Google seem to be very common up until around 8 weeks. 

Other than that ive just been trying to keep really active, working out most days and eating right while I can, before the fatigue, morning sickness and cravings all start!

Is everyone enjoying their weekends? 

Good luck for tomorrow MrsE, if I don’t hear from you before 😊


Just jumping thread to wish mrsE the best of luck for tomorrow xxx


Hi MrsDee!! 

I've just went and calculated my dates and I'm a bit miffed my midwife and scan are later than 8 and 12 weeks 😬 wonder if that's just because they don't have earlier appointments. 

I also have really persistent period cramp 😑 the sneezing has gone but my boobs still ache :( 

The craving for fish seems to have spread to any fish. Apart from salmon....nothing can make me eat salmon 😂

Good luck tomorrow MrsE!


Good luck MrsE 

I'm feeling a bit anxious as not getting many symptoms I know some people don't can't help but worry though. Roll on friday 

Wanted to hold out longer for first scan but feel like i've been waiting ages already.

ets Welcome Mrs Dee 



Scan went well - they've put me back slightly which apparently is quite common this early. I've got my dating scan booked for 2nd Jan so we may have a private scan before Christmas as we wanted to tell people then.

Saw the yolk sac & even the flicker of a heartbeat which was amazing. It was very emotional! 


That's great MrsE  annoying that your scan isn't til after Christmas. What did they date you as?

Tbh i'll probably go for another scan at 9 weeks providing all is well etc 


Thought i would join in this thread.. still getting my head around expecting! Congratulations everyone!

I *think* I am roughly 6 and a half weeks which would make me due the first week of July. My first midwife appointment is a week today so will hopefully get an appointment for my first scan!

Does anyone else feel the need to constantly want to check "its there"?? I have done so many pregnancy tests to keep checking! Clearly acting irrational might be my first symptom! :)  i don't really seem to have much symptoms at the moment - sore boobs, some cramping (really worrying at first!) but not much else although for some reason i have lost my appetite for bacon?? How is everyone else feeling? 

How do you go about booking a scan before your NHS one? Didn't realise that was an option?!


You can go to a private clinic for an early reassurance scan - mine was NHS as I had an ectopic last time so they scan early to check it's in the right place. 

MrsLK they measured me at 6 weeks rather than 6+5 but apparently it's normal to be put back at this stage then forward again at the dating scan x 


That's great news MrsE! I bet it was emotional. I'e been checking all morning for your update and am over the moon for you!

Welcome CFW! Unfortunately I don' have to check it' there cause I have never ending twinges and backache 😣 

I seem to have went off chocolate! The nerve! Actually its everything thats relatively sweet that is putting me off but I cant get enough of fish. Even ate the skin off my seabass last night which id usually just give to the rats. 

I think the sickness is rearing its head too. Was standing in work this morning and had an overwhelming urge to heave. Great. 

I don't think I'll book an early scan and just wait till after Xmas. My SIL is preg with her first and when I told her I was TTC she was a bit put out and asked me to let her have 'her time it could have been completley hormonal but I just cant be bothered hijacking her thunder at Xmas. I' rather just wait untill it' all finished and everyone' back to normal and I think if I went for a scan I wouldn' be able to contain myself. I know it sounds wierd but for the peace of it all I think that's the better option! 


Thanks MrsMc2b2017! Not so good about the twinges and backache though! Hopefully the sickness doesn't catch up with you too much! I am really hoping I avoid that one. Have you told anyone at work yet? I'm worried about showing symptoms so i've been sneakily making decaf coffee when its my turn for a round and not taking any when its other peoples turn so no one suspects - not sure how long I can keep it up! 

That sounds sensible! After all you don't want the added stress of SIL being put out (even if it is a bit irrational!).