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Have a lovely weekend Misty!! And all you other lovely ladies!!


I will also be back Mon/Tues to give you all a blow by blow account of all the naughtiness I've consumed (but it's Easter, and quite frankly, I don't care )

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Morning all

I hope you all had lovely weekends and enjoyed your chocolate if you decided to push the boat out :)

I've eaten so much crap over the last week, some of it controlled, some of it not so much. It's funny what we learn about ourselves when we have a goal to aim for. I've not weighed myself as I think that would have too much of a negative effect. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to stay off the scales but I'm challenging myself to at least a week.

I'm on the shakes as of this morning but will have as many of those as I feel I need to be able to keep going to the gym so it won't be the standard 500 cals for that kind of diet. The shakes are protein-rich and have essential minerals and vitamins so I should be okay. I also have a protein bar for before each workout. I have a night out on Saturday when I won't be following the shakes - I don't plan to go mad either and I'm at a party where I don't really know anyone so it's unlikely I'd 'go for it' food-wise in that situation. As I haven't weighed myself, I don't have that sense of panic which is good. I'm trying to think as if I'm a slim person who has just been on holiday and needs to rectify some of the damage to get back to normal :D

On a non-weight related victory, I went to circuits for the first time on Saturday and I was the only one in the class (including blokes) doing proper push ups. I managed to get through the whole class doing standard push ups - I hadn't realized how strong I've become until that moment as I only do push ups in body pump class and always go on my knees just because I think I have to - turns out I don't! I almost want to throw away the scales and just focus on becoming a stronger person, physically speaking. The rest should come. I'm just not quite ready to part with the numbers ;)

Have a great week all, I look forward to catching up :) x


Height: 5' 2.2"

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Hey Misty!

Congratulations on the proper push ups! I discovered I could do them at a BMF class back in the autumn and was so proud haha! I slacked a little over xmas and just starting to get back the strength to do them now. So pleasing!

I also have not weighed myself this weekend and don't plan to due to the anticipated damage  I haven't eaten much easter chocolate as such but 4 days with H2B around is never going to be good as he is such a bad influence! We had a takeaway Friday and had lunch out on both Saturday and sunday. Oh and he treated me to a hummingbird bakery cupcake  Had a good ish day yesterday but was a bank holiday so no BMF for me. Straight back into a fasting day today. I am working a late shift toady so going to do a Kayla session before I go, I am now on week 5 which means a step up in the workouts eek


Hey ladies!!

Before I tell you all about my carb-loading weekend - I am amazed you ladies can both do proper push ups!! I feel pathetically weak in comparison, and will give them a proper go over the next week or so.

I have weighed, but lets not talk about that... I consumed 2 cupcakes, a large Lindt egg, a tub of B&Js (this is turning into a habit - don't judge me), 3 crumpets, toast and an Indian takeaway! Phew. I feel better now I've told you guys  

I did go to the gym twice (even on Easter Sunday). Oh and minor gym victory - I managed 3 reps squatting with 50kg. This is a big achievement for me!!

So, moving on... today, I have had a coffee and have a pork sticky rice with veggies for lunch, chilli stuffed peppers for tea, and lots of nutritionally good snacks for the afternoon too. Oh, and a 5-7km run tonight... Woohoo...

Here's to moving on from Easter together!

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Jenni - Hhmmm, I'm going to have to Google hummingbird bakery! I wish I could say that I'd only eaten a few morsels but that just isn't the case. Even though much will be water weight, I suspect I'm over 10 stone again. Hopefully I'll be able to knock off 7lbs again quite easily in a week with the shakes and then it'll be a case of shaving the rest to get back down to my former weight. So two weeks - then it's my birthday! So up again I'll go, then another week of shakes before I have my dress fitting. Well done for getting back to the fasting so quickly. I won't be doing any of those as I'm doing the shake thing. Good luck with the step up in workouts!

Wibble - I bet your weight isn't anything like I imagine mine is. Well done for having the balls to step on the scales though :) 50kg is a huge achievement - well done for that too. I did 36.8kg with three reps each in narrow, standard and wide stance. It was tough and I couldn't have done a 4th rep. I'm aiming for 85Kg ultimately but would love to achieve what you've done :) Enjoy your run tonight - I have squats, abs and HIIT tonight and probably still well fuelled from last week! Your menu sounds lovely. I'm ignoring it somewhat though, as I have to stick to these shakes :D

Height: 5' 2.2"

SW (on this forum): 143.8lbs   CW: 132.8   GW: 125



Hi girls!

Well done all for getting back on it! 

misty which protein bars have you gone for? I've just invested in some - more on that below! good luck with the shake diet! Since having PT I can do proper push ups too, but I don't try them in the Les Mills classes for some reason!

Jenni well done getting back on it! How are you finding the 500 days? I love Hummingbird bakery. Well done for keeping the chocolate at bay!

wibble menu sounds good for today! I don't think I could even put 50kg into my back to try to squat! I'm such a weakling! Well done getting back on it today.

I haven't weighed in as I have had a terrible couple of weeks and last week had put 1lb on. So my friend who is entering  fitness modelling competition has written me a nutrition plan, so I am going to give that a go! She said that consistency is key and that if I can keep it up for 6 weeks (hen aside, I have a pass on this one!) I'll see results. It's low carb low fat. So today I have grapefruit, egg and avocado for breakfast. Then for lunch I'll have smokey chicken and quinoa with greens. Snack on prawns this afternoon and a handful of tomatoes, then for dinner lean beef mince and green veg. For an evening snack I can have a 0% yogurt with peanut butter and then before bed a quest bar. Should work out at 1500 calories and she has also recommended some supplements.

i am terrible at sticking to stuff but I have 10 days till my hen so my target is to make it till then (except Sunday when I'm out for lunch and will just choose the healthiest thing on the menu )

My shopping:

Wedding addict

Hey all,

Safe to say I wayyyy overindulged at the weekend... whoops! Back to healthy eating today though :) breakfast was a Fage yoghurt and a coffee, snack - banana, lunch - chicken, broccoli and beetroot, snack - tangerine and then nooo idea about dinner. Have 600 calories left to play with and need to eat something with high protein. Any ideas for me?

I didn't weigh in at the weekend, definitely will this Saturday though and hopefully all the food and drink over the bank holiday will be worked off by then.



Homemade salmon fishcake, with brown rice & veg?

Chicken in a creamy sauce with veg?

Steak. (steak is my failsafe. Who doesn't like steak?)

Sorry Misty - I don't mean to make you hungry!! I wish there was some magic, guaranteed diet that we could all do together.

I didn't think I could do it either Littlespice! I'd not have the guts to try it without my OH close by to spot me when I started to struggle!  Your food sounds yummy - not like a diet at all. Love the picture.


Misty26 wrote (see post):

Jenni - Hhmmm, I'm going to have to Google hummingbird bakery!

Nooooooo.... don't! really! Or if you do, don't walk in to one. The smell is so good you'll forget your own name let alone remember that you are on a diet. It hypnotises you to stuff your face with cake.

Littlespice - the fast days are actually OK. I have got myself into a routine of having diced chicken, lentils and green for lunch, then chicken breast, baked sweet potato and greens for dinner. I am not bored of it (yet) and it is almost exactly 500 calories. I tend not to snack anyway so it isn't hard for me to stick to those two meals. The hardest thing is when H2B eats something really yummy and naughty when I am eating that - makes me want to cry!

Knackered after today - HIIT this morning, cycle to work, pretty active day at work, cycle home, plus fasting. It is difficult being back at work with all this increased exercise/reduced eating having had 2 months off!

Wedding addict

Littlespice - your food plan looks fantastic. I know you'll keep us updated but I'm really interested in how this works for you. It might become my game plan :) I just use leftover Slim n Save bars I have from when I was doing my VLCD. I'm thinking about regularly buying a months supply of the shakes and bars to use on fast days as they are packed with vitamins and can easily work around the 500 calorie limit. It prevents me from having to think too which is always a bonus. Some people couldn't do without real food but I was on that diet for months at a time so I can handle the odd day. It would be quite cost effective too. I'm going to do push ups tomorrow night in Body Pump and see how I go. I think I've always avoided it because my arms are tired from the chest presses and they are always mixed in with those. I shouldn't just assume that I'm not strong enough though as I am getting leaner and tougher :D Oh, and sorry to be cheeky but if you like your diet plan (and the Quest bars) can you let us have the shopping list and daily eating plan - it would be great to have :)

LeeLaw - how did you get on with your fast day after the weekend? I bet you've managed to keep your weight in check by stepping straight back in.

Wibble - Oh my God, steak! It's been a few weeks since I had one - too long!!

Jenni - I Googled it :( The cakes look amazing!!! Fortunately I don't think there is one anywhere near me. I'm sure they would deliver but I'm not going to investigate that :D You only had a cupcake? That's nothing :P

Where is everyone else?! We seem to be a little short lately :(

I did spinning and circuits last night as I didn't go to the gym on Tuesday (felt a bit rough, had a late one at work and quite frankly couldn't be bothered - bad I know). I also won't be going tonight as I'm getting my Samsung S8 delivered today and I want to play with that (bad I know :D). I have Body Pump planned for tomorrow night and then on Sunday, Body Pump followed by spinning. Depending on how I feel, I might do my own version of circuits at home on Saturday.

I did have a cheeky weigh this morning - glad I waited as I'm currently 135lbs which I think is around 9 stone 9lbs. Not great considering I got to 9 stone 6lbs a couple of weeks ago and I must have pushed over 10 stone on Monday so I'm glad I didn't see those numbers. Apart from the BBQ on Saturday, I'll continue with the shakes until my birthday. I would hope to reach around 9 stone 3lbs by then but unfortunately my birthday will probably see me back up to 9 stone 9lbs or so - I don't celebrate just on the one day ;) I guess that I can see I'm still chipping away at it overall.

I hope you all have a great day. I'm hoping my new phone will allow me to access the forums so you may hear from me tomorrow and/or over the weekend. If not, have a great weekend too xx


Height: 5' 2.2"

SW (on this forum): 143.8lbs   CW: 132.8   GW: 125



Littlespice - I am seconding Misty. If you find it going well and you enjoy it, can you share with us? (Also... I think you might now be following me on instagram....? Obviously I don't actually know your real name, but I think it's you...)

We do seem short lately Misty! Plus, I  think those that are still here are a little quieter at the mo. I, for one, have been a bit quieter because I've been struggling for motivation post Easter. I did go for a run on Tuesday, and have spin tonight, but I feel lacking. I had chocolate yesterday too, but have been trying to keep a diary of calories etc. and ensure I am accountable for it! I think I am going to go back to park run on Saturday too, as I seem to have forgotten why I liked it, so I need to remind myself!!

I was 9'9 this morning too... Feeling slightly bad about it, but also thinking I could be bloated due to time of the month & Easter etc.. so will wait until next week before I start crying myself to sleep...  I want to see 9'6 on the scales by 5th May. That is my current goal. Someone hold me to it haha

Have fun playing with your new phone!!


Hi girlies,

Wibble - Can I follow you on Insta? I am newish to it so don't know how to add you, do I need to know your username? I am also lacking motivation at the moment

Misty - good luck with the press-ups tomorrow night, don't feel too bad as I do the same - drop to women's ones during BMF as I am just too tired to do it! There so much easier when not doing them having just run a mile/done 20 burpees etc. Even if you do one set as man ones, or even just 2 or 3, that is better then none. Slowly build up and before you know it you'll do the whole class on man style press ups!

I also missed some exercise due to feeling exhausted and not being bothered to do it! Yesterday BMF. I just couldn't face it! I had cycled to and from work and had a REALLY busy day so I'll forgive myself! It wasn't on Monday either so no BMF this week. I am working nights next week so cant make either session but I can go to a different park on Thursday....  I don't like going to classes that aren't at my local so this will test my determination haha. Which is rather lacking at the moment I must say, I think it is the cycling.

Fast day for me so I am feeling a little sulky haha. So funny how food makes you happy.

I also had a cheeky weigh in this morning and I am the same as last time (8th April) wah!!! Though I guess that this means I was probably less prior to the bank holiday weekend. I'll put my stats on my signature now, they are: SW - 182lbs, CW - 171lbs, GW - 154lbs. I will also be doing my measurements this weekend 4 weeks after the "baseline" set. FYI - that goal weight is totally unachievable before the fitting lol, which is in two weeks. So the closer the better by this point.


Hi girls!

yes of course i will share! In a nutshell:

breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit (one of you is into that anyway I think!), 2 boiled eggs, 50g avocado

lunch: 120g chicken, sweet potato or 120g cooked quinoa and greens (e.g. 200g broccoli)

snack: turkey or prawns (around 125 calories worth) and 80g cherry tomato

Dinner 120g chicken or beef plus greens

snack 1: 170g fage yoghurt. Have a sugar free chocolate shot in it or low calorie peanut butter

snack 2: quest bar

it's actually loads of food! I thought she must have miscalculated the calories but it's just under 1500 when I put it in MFP. It's not interesting but I'm not hungry. I'll let you know how I get on!

plus she recommends fish oil and cod liver oil with every meal. no shopping list as such! use herbs etc or but ready flavoured chicken and stuff but make sure it is low sugar.

you can also have a protein shake if you work out.


Misty - good luck with the push ups! Keep your feet apart, it makes it easier! With that level of exercise you have planned you'll be back to 9st 6 in no time! Have fun with the new phone :-)

wibble - yep that's me  (if you mean rosa_d83!) Now I can spy on your meals and hold you accountable to being 9st 6 by 5 May!

jenni - whats your insta so I can follow you? (if you don't mind!) Good luck with the fast day, I know they're miserable especially when you seem to be working so hard.

ive just had a beast of a pt session, upper body weights! So I've bad my bcaa tablets and am having my protein bar now instead of after dinner! I'm actually feeling pretty motivated now I am on this plan, my final fitting next Thursday!



It is jenni9914 - I'll try and add you now - I haven't actually posted anything yet, bit unsure how to so need to have a good look around!

Ah littlespice I am so miserable not being able to eat. So desperately want a kebab!


ooh sweet potato... I havent had that in so long..

thanks Littlespice!! Glad it's your and I'm not just attracting randomers  haha great - lord knows I need someone to...

Dont feel bad about the weight Jenni8 - maintaining over Easter is awesome!! I've just given you a follow on instagram (lilrichards91). Step away from the takeaway leaflets...

Yay!! Well done afterallthistime!! Although I hope you don't mind me observing, you don't seem to be getting much of your 5 a day...


Is it too late to join you, ladies?

I've struggled with my weight all my life having PCOS.  I lost two stone last year and got into a size 14 and was very happy ... met my other half and over the 18 months we've been together, nearly all the 2 stone has crept back on - only a pound and a half a month, but it has all added up!

Looking at your starting weights, I am way way over those.  Have steeled myself to get on the scales tomorrow morning...

No date set, and my 'gown' will probably be a navy blue dress (I've been married twice before) but I'd like to lose 2 stone by August if I can ...


Welcome Epiphany! Never too late to join 

Your start weight isn't what matters, it's your goal that counts. However... not all of our start weights are the very start weights - they are just start weights on this thread. So please don't let that put you off - we are essentially a support group here. 

Your goal is so achievable too! Get on the scales but dont get down about it - it's just a starting point.



Welcome Epiphany! Don't worry about your weights, it is the losses that count and we are all supportive on here. You will see my weights are a bit higher

You can definitely loose 2 stone by august with the right diet and exercise plan, good for you for going for it!