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Just in case anyone is looking for a DJ in the France / South of France I used DJ Benni N for my wedding a few months ago and was really happy with his service. I really struggled to find someone, so thought I would spread the word in case anyone else is in my shoes now.

He was happy to integrate my wedding songs into his playlist and read the crowd really well on the night.The dance floor was full!

For anyone interested his website is www. he is willing to travel to your venue (anywhere in France) and his price was very reasonable.

Thanks & good luck



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Hi there! Just to say thanks for the above tip, just out of interest, where in France did you get married? I'm getting married near Bordeaux in 2014 and the DJ/music is the one thing we are struggling with xxx

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Hi Rhimol, where are you getting married in France?  I am currently looking at venues near Bordeaux and would love some suggestions!

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We are also getting marries in France, between Bordeaux and Bergerac in a little village called Saint Privat (near Aubeterre Sur Dronne) and I am also having a NIGHTMARE finding DJ. We have already scrapped having a band as couldn't find one we liked. It is so hard just looking at you tube vidoes. If anyone else has ANY recommendations please let me know. We are not music snobs, but want something eclectic and fun while also having a cool vibe. So not all pop music. My fear is that if i hand someone my playlist on spotify they will just stick to that when we want someone who can freestyle and judge the crowd a bit too.


Thanks to everyone and hope all tour planning is going well



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Hi Nicola, you are so right..

Playlist virtually NEVER work, this is why you need a dynamic DJ with an eclectic taste, that can assess the crowd and take on board requests on the night, which may lead in a total differant direction.

Your venue is in my traget area for summer 2014 - please get in touch

Matthew The DJ


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If anyone is looking for an International wedding Dj take a look at 3Gees International website or wedding dj Chris Kelly website

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Hi there, I'm a friendly and talented English DJ based in the South West of France. Please have a look at my website - - and drop me a line with any questions. Many thanks, Ian

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I am looking for a English speaking dj for my wedding next june in South west france near Bergerac . Does anyone recommend anyone? Any help would be great.


Diana Wallace 

Wedding addict

I'm always happy to travel to interesting places and happy to travel out from the UK.  My 2014 wedding season (still several Xmas weddings to come in fantastic locations) has been excellent with loads of great reviews from very happy clients.  Please get in contact and/or visit my website 



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Reply to Diana Wallace and anyone else reading this thread who is looking for an experienced English DJ for their special day!  I am DJ "Tony M" based near Bergerac and I can help with DJ services for all regions of France.  I am based in Dordogne just 20 minutes from Bergerac and prior to moving to France I was an active DJ working in all spectrums of the role, ranging from my own busy mobile roadshow to regular gigs in nightclubs, bars and restaurants.  I have performed at literally hundreds of weddings and as a young at heart 40 something I have a broad and mature experience of all genres of music and I ABSOLUTELY understand the importance of reading the crowd and have an instinctive feel for keeping the party at a high!

I am back in the familiar saddle as a DJ in France and we have launched our new wedding DJ service in France and for all couples looking to make their wedding vows in sunny France, I am happy to discuss your own wedding project and importantly to take away all your anxiety for ensuring your party of parties goes with a bang.  I guarantee you will have the best night of your life!

Visit our site or call 0033 (0)5 53 80 62 62 for details and for information on how to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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