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New bride

Hi guys have just got engaged and considering getting married abroad, anyone got any experience, would love to hear your views hints and tips along with possible locations 


I think the first thing is to really think about your reasons for getting married abroad.  Is it that you both want to keep the guest list small, or do you want to guarantee great weather for a ceremony outside?  Or do you want to be able to afford to treat your guests to really good food?

So for example if you want a larger guest list then avoid expensive far flung destinations where guests may find it difficult to attend, instead it would be smart look at places with EasyJet flights within 2-3 hours.  

However if you want something small and intimate then you could go with Mexico, Barbados, Maldives or the Caribbean.  

Want great food and an open bar?  Greece, Croatia, Cyprus or Italy would be great for this and all have stunning views.

I think if you could explain your reasons and your vision ladies here who got married abroad would be happy to advise!

One more thing, it is not possible for a UK citizen to get married legally anywhere, so this is important to consider.


Hiya I got.married in Rhodes June 2016. We got married aboard to get more for our money, were we picked to get married it was coming out close to 15'000 for use to get married, a sit down meal drinks, transport, evening reception and all other bits and this was for about 40 guests

So me and now Hubby looked Into aboard, we got married at a place called filerimos, I had hair and make up and few bridesmaids had hair done, I had two coaches and a car to take us all to ceremony had a photographer. Once married we got back on the coach to the sheraton hotel and had a buffet style sit down meal with chair covers, bows and table decorations ouzo for wedding favours, we had  a cup cake wedding cake, then we had a dj to dance the night away, we had, 62 guests abde this part cost us 5,000

We had an 18 night all inclusive holiday and up graded to a bungalow with a private pool for 2,000

So all if that was half the price of a UK wedding and we got everything and it was amazing, so I agree if you look for why you want to get married aboard you will pick the best place for you and my reason was getting the same thing for less and the sunshine xx


We're getting married in Vegas. I find home weddings a bit stuffy and boring so it wasn't what I wanted for mine. 

Also, myself and H2B are very shy so didn't want a big affair with lots of guests - so we are going for little, fun and luxurious as the budget seems to go a lot further overseas. 

New bride

Im getting married abroad! Basically we came to that conclusion when I was getting stressed out organising a big wedding and stressing over costs. I said I could have a massive trip for that then switched everything up and i cant wait!

My thoughts so far planning are choose a destination wedding if:

You don't care about your long lost aunts etc attending

You dont mind some people not being able to attend. Usually childless, older, richer people and dont be surprised if it is quite one sided - there are many more coming on my side but we don't care

You want to choose nice weather, scenery etc

You don't mind about finer details e,g cake designs and small decisions that you may not be able to control

You like an adventure, something different, not a cookie cutter wedding. (Though I have to say ours started turning cookie cutter abroad due to wedding planners and nature of the beast but steered to exactly what we want). 

If you have a lighter dress, can do your hair and make up well or possibly a friend who does it well then thats a bonus as these things are hit and miss and personally I don't want to risk having  bad hairdo on the day so Im doing my own

You want to save costs but don't want something to look as budget. Because you are cutting the guest list you cut the costs significantly. I was able to really splurge per head as it was only a small amount of people

Photographers are so eagar to do destinations - I had so many good offers because it was in a desirable place. Some photographers wanted just the cost of travel! Many husband and wife photography video duos will do a cheap deal

Depending on where you decide you will need to be patient with people you are emailing. Suppliers, vendors, planners in some countrys take forever to reply.You have to spell somethings out to them and be very clear e.g  throwing your bouquet may be normal in your country but it may not be considered by a planner in another and therefore no time allocated etc

expect a divided response from your family - at least we did, some people surprised us, we had really mixed views on what we decided to do

Overall i am so excited for a trip of a lifetime! plus saving was a big driver for me as we are paying entirely for the wedding :) 



We got married abroad. we chose Croatia because it's not too far from home, our marriage was legally recognised in the U.K., and the country is absolutely stunning.

Some countries require the ceremony to take place in a town hall or church which is not to everyone's taste. It certainly wasn't what we wanted... in Croatia, an outdoor ceremony is legal. You can get married just about anywhere! 

My wedding report might give you a feel for what a small wedding abroad was like... happy planning! 

New bride

The main reason for me is cost. Once I got engaged I started looking at UK venues and was really underwhelmed, to me everywhere just looked so boring and same-y, plus the ones that were actually nice were nearly 10 grand (for venue and food) and I'd probably invite more guests to a UK wedding and I'd want to get it really well decorated. I've decided on getting married in Mauritius and there's loads of wedding packages available, I don't think I've seen anything above 2 grand (and a lot of them include a small cake, meal, decoration, legal fees, hair, makeup etc). Yes you'll also have to pay to fly there and stop in a nice hotel, but many people would do that for a honeymoon anyway so why not combine the two? 


Venue and photos are really important for me, I felt like even if I found a reasonably priced UK venue with lovely gardens to take pictures in, there's no guarantee that the weather would be nice. Obviously you can't guarantee nice weather abroad but at least it's a lot more likely! If I was getting married inside a UK venue I'd be paying for a ton of decorations just to make it look nice, but the beaches in Mauritius are so stunningly beautiful you don't need all that, maybe just an arch with some flowers on.


The guestlist may or may not be a huge challenge. I know that my close family and friends will be able to go and I'm not really bothered about anyone else, I never wanted a big wedding anyway. So you just need to bear in mind who you really want there, can they afford it, are they healthy enough to travel, do they have kids to worry about etc. Some people like to have a reception when they get back to the UK to celebrate with the friends and family who couldn't make it, with todays technology you could even live stream the wedding so people back home can watch.


Planning wise I feel like there's less to do with weddings abroad, but some people get stressed when they're not able to control all the details and wedding planners abroad can be slow to reply. As msbella said you probably won't have as much control of the finer details either.




Sorry off topic I know, but we are going to Rhodes for a short break next month.

MrsMannion.  Do you have any must sees while we are there?  



Haha it's OK, we're about are staying? We stayed up near ixia, the old town is amazing and the market and the ruins, erm were we got married at filerimos is a lovely place to go and I didn't go but a few ppl travelled down to lindos and said it beautiful down there. And I'm a big kid the water park was amazing,x


Thank you!  We are staying in Kallithea so very close to the old Rhodes town.  Xxx

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