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Any 2020 weddings??


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MissDizzle wrote (see post):

Hi guys!! 

Just caught up, ive found a 2020 fb group so have been spending a bit of time on fb. 

We have scrapped the France idea as it was blowing our budget and have settled on zante (for now) 

abiscott have you decided where in Zante yet? i have been emailing zante dream weddings and they are taking bookings already. One of the 2020 fb brides (there's a few zante brides on there) has booked for may already. 


Sorry for such a late reply! Have you finally decided on Zante now?  I've not done any planning at all over winter, but think it's about time I at least found a planner and nailed down a date!  I've read on a different fb group that a lot of people seem to have booked the venue (we think) that we want already... so time to get moving!


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Hi everyone!

Got engaged at Christmas after almost 5 years together... We are planning for Sept 2020 in Nerja, Spain.

We wanted to give our guests time to save and plan too! Couple of planners out there have said 2019 already getting booked up so glad to be ahead of the curve in 2020. Good luck everyone :)

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Deleted as posted in wrong section.

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September 2020 bride here, We have decided on Kos for the wedding and have just paid the ceremony deposit, feels so far away!

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Sophie293 wrote (see post):

Yes! I'm thinking 2020 but when people ask and that's the date I reply with I get strange looks... I'm in no rush we still want to go on our dream holiday and we are looking for our first home to move into when we are married ! So got lots to do before 2020 ! Is this stupid or clever ???? Also is it to early to book church etc ? 

Definitely not too early! I'm getting married in April 2020 and I felt kind of bad asking suppliers for quotes etc. but everyone has assured me that it's good to get everything you want booked early to avoid disappointment. I definitely recommend this with a church or registrar, the lady I spoke to at the registry office says some brides get frustrated because they have to have their ceremony time later than they wanted because they've been snapped up so fast!

My H2B and I are trying to get our first house next year so we don't have lots of stress in 2020, so fingers crossed it will be doable. 

What do you think you'd want to do for your wedding? :)

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So glad to see I'm not the only 2020 bride XD

We booked our venue a week or so ago and secured our ceremony time with the registrar, finally feel like I can start planning everything yaaay!

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