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So I'm getting married in November and my budget is pretty tight. I plan on going to different bridal shops to try on different styles to see what suits me and to spend some quality time with my sister's. However, due to cost, I'm planning on buying a dress online. I was looking at a dress on but they are currently going through legal action and therefore their website can't be accessed and I don't trust them now. I've been browsing through multiple sites since and really don't know who to trust. Can anyone recommend a site they've bought their dress from? Maybe post a picture so I can see the quality?

I'm absolutely bricking it because I really can't afford to waste any money.

Any suggestions or help would be really appreciated.



What about high street stores like asos, Dorothy Perkins, new look? they have lots of BM style dresses at reasonable prices, without the risk.

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Have you considered a sample sale shop such as berketex bride? It’s online and they have physical store u can try on dresses


Personally i would be very wary about buying a wedding dress online. Even if you try some on and see what styles suit you a dress you buy online could look very different from ones you have tried on in a shop.  if you can't afford to waste any money then you don't want to risk a dress turning up that isn't right and you may not be able to return it.

Have you tried looking at Wed2B?  they are around the £500/£600 mark and you take them away the same day so if you are getting married in November that is plenty of time to get any alterations done. Also normal bridal shops sample sales.  i got mine in a sample sale and it was 50% off so was just over £500.

Good luck 


Oh no! I got my dress on I would go 2nd hand if I was in your position, I got a lovely pronovias dress for a fraction of the cost new. Went to their house to try it on etc, or buy via PayPal so you are protected. It depends what style you want, lots of high street shops do bridal ranges but they tend to be plain and slinky kinda style. There are also shops that specialise in preloved dresses, worth a look, but online I would recommend stillwhite. Good luck! 


Don't buy your wedding dress online unless there is a physical store local to you (i.e. Debenhams, Asos), and definitely do not buy from one of those China-based sites. I was one of those brides that made that mistake, and just 3 months before my wedding had a dress that was falling apart, stained, and looked absolutely nothing like the pictures online.  And it took months of fighting and threatening before I got part of my money back. I ended up going to David's Bridal and getting the not-dress-of-my-dreams in order to even have a dress.  It was a nightmare.

Try a high street store or Wed2B or David's Bridal. Their prices aren't much different than what you'll find online AND they are local, so if you have a problem, there are English-speaking, English-law-abiding people right there to assist you.  Your dress is much too important to risk.


From the high street/UK based online shopping you can get wedding dresses at:


Alie Street


Phase Eight


Dorothy Perkins


Chi Chi

Little Mistress


Simply Be

John Lewis / House of Fraser / Debenhams

Next now have their own range too.

Those are just the ones I know about! I would think you would be better buying from a shop where you can return for immediate refund rather than risking a dodgy Chinese website.

Alternatively, look at sample sales - I got a £1800 Maggie sottero dress for £500 in a sample sale a few weeks ago.


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I bought mine online from Kitty and Dulcie and I love it, I couldn't be happier. Sometimes buying online does pay off 


I found a gown I  loved in a local boutique then found it on eBay from another boutique selling their sample in my size.

Iit was definitely a risk but for £200 or whatever it was more than worth it! It's perfect and hanging in my spare room now.

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I got mine second hand too and with alterations about 500 for a dress that cost 1200 new plus alterations on top. Got mine from preloved. However if you do want to do China route there are face book groups i would have a look for recommendations and pictures egg 


One disaster story does not mean that all purchases online are doomed! I'm sure lots of brides have successfully bought online, either wedding dresses or BM dresses. If you pay with a credit card then you will have insurance, or PayPal. 

The dodgy element of the dressilyme website is copyright infringement, ie they are making copies of someone else's dress. Not all China based sites are dodgy. A vast amount of goods we use everyday are made in China, I bet lots of wedding dresses are too, but 'finished' in UK. 

Narrow down what style you want and that will help you narrow down what your options are, but don't be put off, there are plenty of budget friendly options out there!


Sorry when I read your post I thought you meant BM dresses for some reason not your wedding dress, oops!

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Definitely try stillwhite, sample sales are great too! Got mine for £150!


As others have suggested, I’d look at sample sales. My dress was originally £1795 and I managed to pick it up for £510. But I do know the dress shop I got mine from to crazy discounts throughout the year where all sample dresses are around £300. This obviously means you won’t have to compromise on quality and it comes without any risk, plus you can try the dress on.

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Thanks for all the replies. Naturally I was really nervous about ordering online but I often order clothes from eBay and have never had a bad product. Maybe that was just lucky. I've been looking at CocoMelody as they have actual stores. None in the UK. But if I ordered my dress, it would supposedly come from their LA store. My budget is a maximum of £450 with any alterations and changes needed. I have checked with Wed2B, Dorothy Perkins, Next, New Look, Debenhams and Monsoon. Haven't found a single dress within my budget that I liked. Maybe I'm just too fussy but as a bride, isn't that normal? 😄

I know all the horror stories but I've also heard alot of good stories. My partner has been digging around into websites for me to see if they're legit, so far CocoMelody is the only 1 to be a real company, selling real dresses.


Many bridal shops have clearance or outlet sections - the shop I bought my dress from does with dresses from £100.


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I noticed on Facebook marketplace a small number of people selling wedding dress that were unworn as they had changed their mind but unable to return. They were very heavily discounted (£200-£400). You could arrange to see them before buying. 

Good luck! 

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My job is to arrange the manufacture of goods in China and yes everything pretty much is made there and the quality can be exceptionally high. 

However. I would never in a million years buy my wedding dress from a cheap China copying house. I have yet to find one person with a good experience! They never look anything like what they are supposed to so there is no worry about copyright infringement, and usually have to be done up with safety pins. In essence I am saying avoid! 

I am off to look up coco melody... 



Julia I got my dress from a 'cheap China copying house' and it was beautiful and great quality thanks. My positive experience is just a few posts above yours. It wasn't a copy of an existing dress by another designer though, so copyright wasn't an issue.

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I bought online from a company called Alie Street - quite classic and simple dresses but British made, prices are around £175 up to £500. They were very good at answering questions about the dresses and do quick delivery and easy returns too.