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Would you take both Mothers to find The dress and both Mothers to the fittings or just the brides Mum?

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I took my mum shopping with me and then once I had narrowed my choices down to two, I invited my fiancé's mum along as well!

It was really nice having both mums there for the final decision! :) 


I went shopping with just my mum the first time I went, then I invited MIL-2-be to come along after that.

I found my dress when I was with my mum and auntie on a random day when we were actually bridesmaid dress shopping so I took my MIL-2-be to see my chosen dress on a day out just us two.

Only my mum is coming to my fittings though.



Same as Rebecca above, I took my step-mum searching, and once I had almost decided, I took both her & MIL when I said yes to the dress and put a deposit down!

I have only taken my step-mum to fittings, as they can only be done weekday mornings in my shop so I wouldn't want to inconvenience them by inviting anyone else along!


I would only take brides mum to everything.  


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It really depends on your relationship. Mine doesn't live anywhere near us so she couldn't practically have come anyway, but she doesn't really have any interest in our wedding anyway, so I wouldn't have invited her if she was more close by! I took my mum and my sister, it's nice to have more than one persons opinion I think but its important that you take the 'right' people. 


I went shopping with just my mum, but then I'm not that close to my MIL to be - don't get me wrong, she's a lovely lady but we don't have that kind of relationship. Plus she's not really into girly things like shopping, I think it comes from only having boys. I offered to go outfit shopping with her for the wedding but she hasn't taken me up on that!

I think I'm going to the fittings by myself, we'll see. 


My mum is very old and frail and i missed her opinion on my dress desperately:(.   I took my fiancé to choose the dress then the bm and moh to first fitting.  Going by myself for the rest .  I dont have any inlaws at all this time round.   


Yes it does depend on distance and relationships to, but i dont think i would have even thought to ask a mil.  

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Just my sister came whilst choosing and I'll go alone for fittings x

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I got my dress online but if I got my dress from a shop, I'd have took my mum and partner, as much it's unconventional to bring him. I wouldn't invite his stepmum as we aren't that close but if we were close then I'd consider asking her to come along


I took my mum, would have liked my step mum to go too but she was working. I dont really see it as a thing for MIL, h2b is her concern not me, and shed already made a comment that pissed me off when I showed her a pic of a dress I liked (Oh... I pictured you in something classy and elegant).

MIL has seen a pic of the dress but thats all. Step mum has seen the actual dress in the flesh but I didnt put it on.

I dont really plan on taking anyone with me to fittings, is it not a bit boring? The bridesmaids will be there for the first one but only to get their own alterations done.


My first dress appointment I took my mum and MIL too. They were both really good, and it meant a lot to them both to be there. MIL lives about 2 hours away from us but she drove up for the appointment and we then went for afternoon tea, where we spent most of our time talking about dresses and the wedding! When I had pretty much made my decision, it was my mum and MIL that I took back to the shop with me.
As for fittings, I took the best man to the first one with me and then went on my own to the others.

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