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Show me your wedding shoes


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New bride

Are you wearing wedding or non wedding shoes? Coloured or white/ivory?

I'm undecided.  I would like shoes that I would wear again but as I'm not really a heels person, don't want to be spending a small fortune on them.  But they need to be comfy as we'll probably be doing some walking around Glasgow in December. 

I need inspiration. 


I haven't bought them yet, but probably going with these 


I am not bothering with designer shoes the ones I own hurt my feet after a few hours and as no one will see them, I just can't justify the money for the one day as they won't be an everyday wear style.

These are mine Elspeth by Rainbow Club, super comfy in Ivory and Gold so match my dress and I will have them dyed navy after the wedding so I can use them for work. I have dfinitley gone for comfort as the T-bar was an attraction as like the choos above the strap will prevent them slipping and losing a shoe at the worst moment.




They have little ivory flower clips which im putting on the side of the strap. 

This isnt the dress! 



Mine are Rainbow club too and I agree their shoes are super comfy!

I have had them dyed to exactly match the pink belt on my dress, which is a fab service Rainbow club offer. Send them a swatch or bit of ribbon and they will colour match it! I also have sparkly shoe clips for them.

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I own these and haven't worn them yet as waiting for a special occasion, I think I'll be wearing them for the wedding 👰 

New bride

These are mine 

bound to hurt but hey ho! 

Wedding addict

I'll be wearing these :)

But instead of paying that I've made them myself for about a third of the cost.

My fiance is same height as me so I'd feel silly in heels, and ballet pumps aren't my thing so converse seemed the right choice 



These are mine 

I'm tall and about the same height as H2B and I didn't want to be taller than him. I also wanted something I'd wear again and I live in converse. My BMs are also in pale pink so the pink stripe down the back matches in perfectly. 

Go for what you feel comfortable in x

New bride

These are by Rachel Simpson in their now defunct brand Agnes and Norman.  I was watching their outlet for a completely different pair and fell in love with these.

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