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Pronovias Princia - how comfortable


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New bride

Hi ladies,


Has anyone worn the Pronovias Princia on their wedding day and how comfortable (or uncomfortable!) did you find it?

Thank you xx


There are at least two ladies on here I remember reading that wore Pronovias Pretty, which looks to be very similar to Princia.

Can I ask about your body type?  Several brides have written complaining about chaffing and being uncomfortable in these gowns with their thighs rubbing all day - but the saddest wardrobe malfunction I can recall was the bride whose Pretty dress had bodice issues. Her cleavage was very much on display all day, and worse yet, lopsided due to the boning failing completely in only one side.  If you are a busty girl, I can say I wouldn't recommend going with this design/ designer.  (I'm flat, so I'd probably have the opposite problem with the dress sliding down all day.)

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