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! I ordered my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses from JJ’s. I chose the custom fit as my waist is 5 times smaller than my chest and am unable to wear a dress of the rack. I had gone to a dress shop and had my measurements taken but before ordering i checked their site and took my measurements per their instructions. I received the dress and the chest is 6 I ches smaller than the measurements I sent in. I immediately reached out to the company and attached photos showing it won’t zip. Their response was that not all dresses fit all body types and they sent me a photo that supposidely showed my dress top with a measuring tape. There’s two issues with that. One is their own photo o oh neasured at 46 inches not 48 inches as ordered and the start of the measuring tape was completely covered my a hand and you could tell that the measuring tape was folded over and a hand was placed over it. They offered me a 10% refund or a 20% coupon. What good does either do me? I can’t wear this dress to my wedding which is a month away. I am still arguing with them and attempting to return the bridesmaid dresses as well which weren’t custom fit just a generic size. I waisted A LOT of money and have nothing to show for it. Spend a little extra and get a dress that fits from a company that stands behind their product.

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If I could give zero stars, I would. That is how I can summarise my experience with Jjshouse.”

The design of the dress is very nice and I was very exited when I finally, despite express delivery, received it after a delay. Unfortunately, the huge smile on my face disappeared almost immediately after I have opened the box. I have ordered my dress in a standard size 40 and in white. The fit was ok, but the colour was definitely not white, as you can see on the attached pictures. Instead of pure white I have received a wired blue-ish/ white-ish/ grey-ish combo. Not only the chiffon was in that colour, but also the lace looked like it is either old or somebody really mixed up my order. 

Also some aspects of tailoring/ finishing were not done properly. The fabrics in the cleavage area were not properly fixed but only pinned in few places. To top that the fabric (chiffon) was cut unevenly. Basically the middle part of the front of the dress was resting on the floor, while other parts were few cementers above the ground. If it would be a dress for a lady who expects a baby, perhaps that would help to hide a baby-bump, however, this dress was not advertised as a dress for pregnant women, thus, I do not understand this "design".

The cherry on the top of my experience was a return policy, or rather lack of it. After I have contacted the customer service and voiced my concerns, I was suggested to take it to the tailor to fix the issues. (I wonder, how a tailor can magically change the colour of the dress, without changing a whole fabric. According to Jjshouse, apparently it can be done.) Jjshouse offered be a voucher of 30-40% towards my next purchase and insisted that I keep the dress. They have insisted that the dress passed a thorough quality control with flying colours and that a visit to a local seamstress will solve all of my problems. My email exchange with the Jjshouse customer services still continues, but I am afraid that I will not see my money back, despite adverited official return policy. 

All in all I feel cheated and disappointed. For all of the ladies, who received dresses from JJshouse according to their order I say, you were very lucky and hope you will enjoy your wedding. For the ladies, who are still looking for the perfect dress, look somewhere else. Ordering a dress with Jjshouse is like a Russian roulette, you either hit or miss.




After over two months of mailing with JJsHouse they refuse a full refund, unless I will remove my comment about my experience with JJsHouse. If you order from them, be prepared to deal with the same problem. They untrustworthy and based on extortion. 


Oh dear! I was going to order flower girl dresses from here but will steer clear thank you everyone for your honest reviews 

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This is my dress from jj house. I have to say I had to alter the sleeves but it still worked out very cheap. Tried similar dresses in a London boutique but found quality the same, so didn't see the point in spending almost a 1000 pounds. By the way this was their standard size 10, I thought it fit perfectly (apart from the sleeves ). I also got my own belt. Don't forget to read reviews and ideally look at photos of real brides in the dress you want to buy before committing.

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