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Hey! Jenny Packham brides! I need your opinion!


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New bride

Hello all

I went and bought the JP Eden dress on Sat. Now I have a million other questions...

We are going to get married in the States in September. Hopefully the weather will be nice but there is always the chance of a cold rainy day.

I have looked on the internet for ideas on what to use to keep me warm. A part from the ostrich wrap (which is waaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive), I haven't seen any good examples of short coats/jackets which wouldn't clash with the JP style.

I am not overly bothered. If I decide not to buy anything and just pick from the stuff I have in my wardrobe, i'll do, but I'd like to make an informed decision and see what options are out there. All the JP brides I have seen so far (thank you pinterest) are not wearing much over the dress (who can blame them?!?!) so I was wondering whether any of the JP brides on here are in the same predicament and what they have decided to do or planning to do...


Wedding addict

there is an ostrich wrap on eBay at the moment might be worth a look. Think its about £450 x

New bride

What about a simple soft grey pashmina - easy to carry and drape as and when needed and won't break the bank.

New bride

thanks Sassybride. I think I will end up with a pashmina... Maybe that could be my 'something blue'



I think the pashmina is a great idea. I've bought them from a lady on Etsy who embroiders them. You could get your wedding date or maybe his+hers initials on it, could be cute.

I'm from the states, can I ask where you are getting married?  It's typically very warm and sunny in the state of WI in September, and we are in the north.

New bride

Hi Katspups! We'll get married in Seattle. The Officiant lady said that beginning of September is likely to be sunny and around 85 degrees but I'd still like to be prepared and have something to warm me up if windy/chilly. 

Would you have the name of the etsy shop where you got yours from so that I have a look? 




I got my pashmina from Sandy at:

She was very helpful. It did take about 2-3 weeks to get to me, but the colors were just right and the quality was very good.

Your officiant is probably right, the weather should be fine...but be prepared in the event of rain. Seattle is one of the rainiest cities in the US


New bride

Thanks Katspups!

I will look look that up



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