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HELP .....What colour fascinator, bag and shoes??


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New bride

Hello ladies

I've bought this dress for a friends wedding next month 

I need help with my fascinator, bag and shoes....should they all be the same colour?  The model wearing the dress had silver high healed sandles on.  I've found a lovely green fascinator, but something is telling me I should go for navy accessories...but I think navy is boring.

All your thoughts would be greatly appreciate.

Thanks Amanda


I would go with Navy but that's because it's a more versatile colour so the accessories could be used for multiple outfits. Gorgeous dress!!  


I'd also go for navy just because they're easier to re-wear (and I wear tonnes more navy than green). I think silver/nude shoes and a coloured fascinator would also work well, I don't think they all have to match but 2/3 of bag/shoes/hat should!


If you've seen a really nice green fascinator get that! I reckon green fascinator, silver shoes and either colour bag. 

Wedding addict

I’d go with the green, the shade on the dress is really pretty, and it’s more unusual than navy.

Green is my favourite colour though, so I may be biased :-)

New bride

Thank you so much ladies, your comments have been really helpful. Time to go shopping :-)

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