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Hi Ladies


I'm wearing a tea length 50s dress for my wedding (see below) and i have pointed white ivory satin heels to wear in the day. The heels are rainbow club and very comfortable, however given that it's a marquee wedding and I don't normally wear heels for 15 hours straight i'm thinking I may need to buy some flats to change into once the photos have been done.

I'm really really REALLY struggling to decide what to buy. I want to buy some nice shoes (preferably white) that I can wear again so I've been looking at peep toe sandals and wedges. I am stuck for inspiration and ideas and I'm hoping some one can help!!

I'm 5ft 2 and a an F cup so anything too chunky or flat (i'm looking at you converse) make me appear quite broad. I don't want to look like a hobbit on my big day 


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ps umbrella not included (hopefully anyway!)


ASOS do some nice bridal flats and they change their ranges quite often.

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Irregular choice do some nice flats in white and other colours, which are a bi unusual too. If you’re open to different colours, Hot Chocolate Design do some lovely dolly shoes in all different patterns 


Thanks girls, I'll check out hot chocolate. In my mind I want peep toe wedges (like a really low wedge) but I think finding them will be really difficult 


If you're happy to risk JJ's House they sell what you are after

My planning thread:

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Hi Rach! I found these ones:


I'm ADDICTED TO THEM! They're from Portugal and they have a special collection for brides.

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