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Detachable tulle skirt - thoughts?


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Has anyone had a fitted dress but with a detachable tulle skirt basically to make a fitted dress look princessy like the attached pics? (these are both the same dress but one has the detachable tulle skirt)

Has anyone had this done, did it work ok? any bridal thoughts on this? 

Thanks xx

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I like the idea. It means you can have two looks for your day! I also love tulle skirts so I’m a fan!

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Love the idea - you can then always make a quick and easy transition into the evening if you wanted to show off the dress underneath. Also - I like the idea of a shorter attachable and there’s always the opportunity to wear again with a dark corset / top

New bride

I'd be interested in hearing people's thoughts on this too. Ive been to one bridal shop so far, just  to try on dresses and get an idea of what I do and don't like, and I just could not decide whether I preferred the fitted fishtail type dresses or big princess gowns?

I know wed2b offer detatchable ballgown skirts separately, and theyre really affordable, so you can afford to have two looks. I'd be interested to know also if anyone has bought a skirt from there?


Another one with no personal experience, but love the concept and the look, Hope someone comes along who has actually worn this option.


I haven't worn this style, but a woman I worked with did. She had a lovely satin sheath dress with a tulle bustle. She had that on for most of the day and just took it off for the evening. The dress looked fantastic.


For me personally, I dont like the fitted dresses so if I’d somehow ended up in one of these 2 in 1 dresses I wouldnt have took the skirt off at all.

I found my dress really comfortable, I’d worry you feel quite restricted with a fitted dress underneath and too hot. I was roasting even with air flow. And I didn’t buy one so I don’t know, but I imagine dancing in a mermaid dress isnt as easy.

I think it’s only worth doing if you genuinely can’t make your mind up. I’d just keep trying dresses on until I found one I wanted, but keep that skirt option in your mind just Incase.


One of the Marriott family (of the Marriott hotel chain) girls wore something similar when she wed a few years ago.  She looked gorgeous. 

I would definitely consider it as I'm a completely indecisive person and this would give me the best of both worlds.

The only reason I can think of to not consider it is if the narrowness of the gown underneath would be a problem for the bride's body type.  I have skinny legs and thighs, but if I didn't, I would definitely not want to endure the sweating and chaffing I have heard can result from wearing a fishtail type gown (which would be even worse if underneath yet another skirt).

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