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Awful customer service anyone?


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Are bridal shops still the fussy establishments staffed by rude sniffy ladies they used to be? I guess it depends on the shop you visit. I had an awful experience as a bridesmaid several years ago where if i had been the bride i would have given the woman a piece of my mind and walked out, so much so that it put me off going into any such establishments when I got married opting to have my dress made. I was told by the lady who did my makeup for my wedding that she had walked into a designer shop ( in mumbles)  and was promptly told that they didn't make dresses for women her size. I had been to the same store myself and the first thing I was told when I walked through the door was that her prices started at 1500, implying that I probably couldn't afford it, well you know what, I could but had more sense and I walked out. Rude though I thought. Hopefully they have upped their game now. Anyway, I am about to get married again and being a bit of a tomboy and looking for something more edgy than the usual run of the mill, am dreading the bridal shop with their fluff and mirrors. Has anyone else had bad experiences or could someone in the neath, Swansea, port talbot, Bridgend or cowbridge area recommend any good shops? 


I'm plus size and my bridal shop couldn't have been nicer - they were really accommodating. They did mention the price points of their dresses but not in a snooty way, just explaining the rough price ranges of each designer they stocked. Several of my friends have used the same shop and have all been happy too.

If someone was rude to me I'd take my business elsewhere.

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Hi Sly,

Its such a shame there are places like this ruining experiences for brides to be.  For less traditional dresses (more edgy as you say) I would recommend Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique in Penarth.  It’s slightly outside of your area but may be worth the extra travel as I’ve heard good things about them.  They are quite active on instagram if you’re on there.

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