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I've added the quotation marks because I'm sick of looking up countless articles and galleries of "alternative" wedding dresses, only to find every dress in there looking like every other typical wedding dress available.

Is it just me, or making a wedding dress in off-white or pastel colours is not "alternative". Neither is having a short white dress as opposed to a long one.

Can anyone out there recommend actual alternative wedding dresses please? I'd offer examples but I don't know exactly what I'm looking for.


have a look at Olvis dresses a few of those are short and different colours 



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You may already browse if, but if not, have a look on "offbeat bride". Its amazing for alt/non traditional stuff :) xx


I'm not what what type of alternative you're looking for, but if it's colour try prom dress ranges. My sister had a red wedding dress which came from a prom range.

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Thanks for the suggestions all :) Not sure if it's a different colour I'm after or a really out-there style.

It's just annoying when you see 'alternative' in a title and then realise there's nothing alternative about the dresses at all

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It seems that if you don't want white/ivory etc you will really struggle. And if you don't like lace, you also have very limited choice in the shops at the moment. I look hideous in lace and ended up with a choice of only 2 dresses in a shop I visited! 


What about a jumpsuit type or crop top and skirt?   Steam punk dresses are amazing and in all sorts of colours and lengths! 


It comes down to what you think constitutes a wedding dress. 

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How about two pieces or convertible wedding dresses?

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Vivi Dress

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I would wear a floral dress for summer or a velvet one with a fake fur cap if its a winter wedding.


Thanks for the suggestions. I do like the idea of a two-piece outfit!

I love Steampunk so will definitely look into that as well.



Two i found while on my search

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I look on sites like rock and roll bride constantly and loads of them are just following the current trends and look the same... oh, you have a knee length dress with coloured petticote, groom in converse, paper flowers and cupcake tower with VW topper how unique and alt lol it gets irratating because if thats 'alt' then our weddings going to be really out there (even though I dont feel anythings too wierd)

I cant find dresses either but find just typing what I like into google image search helps, many are from prom or formal dress sites etc...

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What do you think of a red wedding dress? Thank you


Klara i think red has been done alot in recent years, i went to two weddings both had red colour themes and red on the dress somewhere!   What about teal blue or purple in stead?  

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