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New bride

Hi Everyone, my hubbie to be is Scottish and really keen to wear his family tartan but doesn't have his own kilt. We're based near London but happy to travel to Scotland if needed and looking to hire 4, any ideas?


You might get lucky, but there are some tartans that never seem to be hireable. My husbands tartan is the Cooper Ancient and we couldn’t find it! In the end we chose to hire a tartan we liked so he could match with all his groomsmen. Hope you can find it, I had a quick look at places near me and couldn’t see any! 

Would it be worth visiting a kilt hire place near where you live and seeing what they advise? 

New bride

Hello! Was randomly scrolling and this post caught my eye since McEwan is my family tartan! 

My brother hired his from mcgregor mcduff in glasgow but they have a London based tailor who fitted my other half for the kilt as we live down here. 

Good luck!

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