What wedding related thing have you done today?


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Changed my name with a few places including the bank with my first official signature of my new married name 🤗


New bride

Received our wedding ceremony booklet from the registrar so we can start choosing readings etc 

And my bridesmaids dresses arrived. They look great. Just got to check they fit

Wedding addict

Bought wedding rings 💍

Wedding addict

I have returned the sixth and seventh attempt at a wedding dress. Small budget and online buying = unreliable!

With three weeks to go, we still need:

- Wedding dress

- His suit

- Flowers

- Food

- Orders of service 

- Reception decorations

- Ceremony additional decorations (church is keeping Christmas decs due to being so close on 11th Jan)

- Book hair and beauty appointments




no need to panic. Only 25 days to go...


:D :D


Printed some ‘bride getting ready’ door signs, seat reserved signs and updated the guest list. Giving notice tomorrow!


We sat down and wrote a list of everything that needs to be done in the next month or so, including visiting our venue again, paying some supplier deposits and sorting out giving notice. We also got an invitation for our friends wedding in March which was exciting. We got engaged within a few weeks of each other, but they only had a seven month engagement.


Booked & paid for registrar, and paid for our ceremony venue..... equal parts exciting and painful, lol

and sent out the first batch of Save the Date cards..... cheated and included them with Christmas cards!  

its feeling very real today 

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