Mauritius or Maldives?


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New bride

Hope all you B2Bs are hanging in there! I'm finally getting round to one of the more enjoyable parts of the planning - the honeymoon!


Our wedding date is Aug 26th this year and we're planning on going on our honeymoon a couple of days later. We're thinking 10 days. We're both keen on either the Maldives or Mauritius and just can't decide which (nice problem to have!).

Has anyone got any advice for me, particularly at the time of year we want to go? We're not particularly adventurous - this will be a much-needed break for the two of us so lots of beach time, good food and some cocktails in the sun!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!!!




We went to the Maldives in early September.  This was technically off season but it was warm and sunny every day.  There was one night with rain storms that meant we had to cancel a dinner on the beach, but other than that the weather was incredible.

The best tip I can give you about the Maldives is to go all inclusive.  We did and were so glad we had.  The prices are insane over there, for example $70 for a bottle of Pinot Grigio.  Going all inclusive meant we could relax and enjoy our honeymoon without worrying about a 4 figure bill at the end.  

Anyway oh my god it was f***ing incredible.  Like a perfect dream in paradise.  

I loved my wedding day but the honeymoon in the Maldives knocked it out of the park.



We went to the Maldives at the start of August for our honeymoon and the weather was lovely - one or two short spells of rain but nothing significant enough to affect our trip at all.

I don’t think anyone has been to Mauritius and not loved it though so in some ways, I can’t tell you not to go there instead, but I can tell you the Maldives was truly breathtaking and you won’t be disappointed by it!

One thing to consider perhaps is Zika if you want to start a family straight away. The Maldives carries a risk but Mauritius doesn’t 😊 x

New bride

Were doing 2 weeks all-inc in maldives. i don’t know which Resort as mr rabbitts is booking it as a surprise. If you do need some help or ideas let me Know and l will gladly put you in touch with our travel consultant who books all our holidays. She is ace, usually comes in way cheaper than online prices and it’s tailored to you. She saved us about £1k off our trip to Sri Lanka in June! X

Wedding addict

I’ve booked to go to Mauritius more so because there were things to do if we wished too. While we want to relax i know my other half will get bored if we did this every day for 2 weeks. we have water sports included in our package and there are trips out into the island we can do too.

Wedding addict

We're going to Mauritius mid-August for our honeymoon as there's the option to chill or the option to experience activities. You can get some really fab deals there too. I've been told September is a great month to go so if you're looking at the end of Aug then I'm sure it would be great.

Maldives didn't appeal to me because I think we would get bored, but if you're just looking to relax then it's probably perfect! x

New bride

Wow thanks for your replies everyone! Lots to think about - they both sound great! It's so hard to choose between them! If anyone has any specific resort recommendations in either I'd love to hear them!x


We too were a little apprehensive we’d be bored in the Maldives - as we are both quite active generally - but it really isn’t!

We stayed at Kuramathi island (like a lot of the other newlyweds who’ve been to the Maldives on here!). It’s a much bigger island so there’s lots of restaurants to choose from and plenty of activities (snorkelling with turtles, canoe round the island, sunset cruise...) so you can do as little or as much as you want! We only went for a week but could’ve easily stayed longer. 

One thing I’d say as well that pretty much anyone whose had their wedding will tell you is that you’ll be absolutely exhausted from the day itself. You may find that you’ll need a few days of absolutely nothing before you find your feet again which is partly why we weren’t as bored as we feared! x

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