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I've had a hair trial and then my hair dresser changed the style abit for my hen party and I'm not sure if i prefer the second style. Please could I have you honest opinions please :) 

Style 1: 


Style 2: 


Please excuse the mess and beers! It's the school holidays and I hadnt even noticed the beers were on the table! 

New bride

Absolutely love the 1st one. Your hair colour is beautiful x


Aww thank you :) I'm really struggling to decide on which one I prefer. My mum says the 2nd as it keeps my hair pinned back further and she thinks it will go with my dress which is strapless x

Wedding addict

I prefer the 1st one. The second one the hair looks a little flat in comparison to the first


I prefer the first. Your hair colour is gorgeous!


I've been considering a hair vine redhair82! I'm still so undecided on which one I want! 

New bride

Both beautiful but much prefer the first one 😁💖

New bride

I would go for the first one as it shows off more body and thickness of your hair x

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