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Off topic completely - name this dog!


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MrsJ2017 wrote (see post):
Dora3 wrote (see post):

I like old fashioned names for pets, hence my cats are name Dora (yes my username) and Arthur. 

I really love the name daisy. But I also love Bonnie. What about Elsie. Shes so young still she can learn a new name. At the end of they day they learn their names by the way you say it, as in the pitch etc. 

My mums dog they got when he was 9 months old and he was called, "just dog". They shortened it to JD and he responded straight away. It's all about the excitement in the voice etc. 

what does your cats think? Lol x 

I remembers Just Dog, thats the best name I ever heard tbh 😂

The cats are not happy at all. O'Malley has been in the garden for most of the week, and Clawdia has been walking round hissing and spitting and puffed up like a christmas tree. Poor puppy has had a few smacks on the nose, but I genuinely think she doesnt feel it, shes so solid, she just bulldozes her way round the house. Clawdia pooed under the dining table to avoid walking past the dog, that was not impressive 🙄

That a name a child comes up with. Bless him. It's when people ask his name and you say "JD" and they say "ohhhh Jack Daniels!" And you have to inform them, "no, just dog 😩". Poor puppy. But I love him any way. 

Aww a slap on the nose isn't a bad thing. She needs to learn her boundaries. Not good the kitties are taking it so bad though, pooing in the house outside a litter tray is never good lol. But everyone need to adjust lol xxx


MrsG2bxx wrote (see post):

How do you pronounce the name bridie? I've seen it before and like the look of it but never knew how it was said? Xx 

It's pronounced 'Bri-Dee". My niece is Bridie-Mae. Suits her so much and her dad is Irish which is where the name originates from, so I'm told. 

my phone used to autocorrect it to birdie 😂


My daughter is Lara, it still starts with 'L' and she was a right little pup (still is really).


I just looked at her and thought 'Nellie' ... don't ask me why!

Or Molly?


Rosegold017 wrote (see post):

I can't wait to hear these Japanese names! Godzilla? Pikachu? 

Pikachu has been suggested, as has Eevee which is apparently another pokemon name. Chi Chi which is from some other anime thing he likes, spira, same again (dont know if any of these are authentic japanese names, but theyre from japanese stuff 😂), I cant remember the rest but theres been loads.


ShitGotReal wrote (see post):

Ah she's gorgeous. Dolly? Lola? Maisy?

You should go with that the toddler says, they're usually the best. My mates got a hamster called ian and a cat called fred (Its a girl) both named by the toddler 😂

I can beat that, we once had a cat named Tippex (yes he was white) and two guinea pigs named Beaver and Fish (I'm not sure we understood animals when we were young haha)


As soon as I saw her, I thought Lila. But if you want Japanese, I have browsed a list :)

Yuri means Lily in Japanese...

Also, Keiko, Akira, Gina are cute!

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I used to have a rabbit called Stew and a cockatiel called Paxo...yes, I do have a sick sense of humour 

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