Which wedding dress suits your body shape?

Whatever your shape, our advice will help you find the perfect wedding dress to suit your figure

Finding the right wedding dress is probably the most crucial thing for any bride-to-be. Unfortunately, the search for the perfect dress is both tricky and frustrating – often because brides are not really sure which type of dress they should be looking for.

To get a dress with the perfect fit, it’s essential to choose one which suits your body shape and flatters your figure. This will not only make you more comfortable, but you’ll also look and feel more beautiful.

Read on to find out which wedding dress styles will best suit your shape.


An hourglass figure is one where your top and bottom halves are perfectly balanced, with a very defined waist.

Dress Dos: Often seen as a body shape which can wear anything, it’s still best to pick a dress that accentuates your waist, as this will show off your best asset. Two-piece gowns will enhance an hourglass figure.

Dress Don’ts: As your chest and hips are already balanced it’s best not to add weight to either half. Avoid empire-line silhouettes and ball gowns.

Dress Dos: Hourglass figures also look great in corset dresses

Dress Dos:  Sweetheart necklines and bodices emphasise a fuller bust.

Dress Dos: If you’re a bit more curvaceous, try a trumpet style dress

Dress Dos: A-line dresses with a dropped waist show off an hourglass bride's balanced figure.

For hourglass shapes
For hourglass shapes

Triangle shape

If you are a triangle shape, you are wider on the top of your body, with hips narrower than your shoulders.

Dress Dos: A V-neck dress works well to cover up wider shoulders. 

Dress Don’ts: Puffed sleeves will draw attention to your shoulders, as will halter and off-the-shoulder necklines. If you want to avoid drawing attention to an amble bosom, steer clear of embroidery and lapels around the neckline.

Dress Dos: Narrow wide shoulders with thick straps

Dress Dos: Scoop or wide necklines can also work well on triangles. Wear a dress with a bolero if you want to cover up the tops of your arms.

Dress Dos: Sleeves are great for covering wider shoulders, and are perfect for winter weddings.

Dress Dos: Add interesting details, such as embroidery and bows, around the middle and bottom of your dress, as this forces the eye downwards.

For triangle shapes
For triangle shapes

Apple shape

More voluptuous than most, apple shapes have full breasts, a bit of a tummy and a rounder bum and hips.

Dress Dos: An empire-line dress will de-emphasise your waist, giving you a leaner look.

Dress Don’ts: Princess-line and basque dresses draw too much attention to your middle, and a sheath will make you look heavier. Avoid spaghetti straps which can cut into your shoulders.

Dress Dos: A ball gown will cover up all those body areas you're not so keen on.

Dress Dos: An A-line dress with a dropped waist looks great on everyone.

For apple shapes
For apple shapes

Pear shape

Just like the fruit, you’re smaller on top than the bottom, with hips wider than your shoulders.

Dress Dos: Princess style dresses disguise fuller hips and put the focus on your better half, balancing your torso and bust.

Dress Don’ts: Avoid tiered, trumpet and mermaid style dresses which draw attention to your bottom. Sheaths are also unflattering.

Dress Dos: Strapless ball gowns work like princess dresses, emphasising all your best bits.

Dress Dos: Empire line dresses are also a great choice, as they highlight the smallest part of your body. 

For pear shapes
For pear shapes

Slim figure

Short or tall, you have a ballerina’s figure, with an undefined waist.

Dress Dos: A sheath will flatter your slender shape.

Dress Don’ts: Avoid portrait, off-the-shoulder or halter necklines if your collarbone is too bony.

Dress Dos: Slim is one of the few shapes can get away with a high neckline.

Dress Dos: A ball gown with a fitted bodice and full skirt will create the illusion of curves.

Dress Dos: Delicate embroidery and beading in the right places can also create a more curvy silhouette.

For slim shapes
For slim shapes

Petite figure

5’1” and under - you’ve got a tiny frame.

Dress Dos: Simple is best. Clean, unbroken contours without too much fabric will elongate your figure. A sheath is perfect.

Dress Don’ts: Most silhouettes flatter your figure, but ballgowns and mermaid dress tend to overwhelm. A big, elaborate dress can look as if it’s wearing you.

Dress Dos: Narrow A-line dresses also work well for petite brides. 

For petite figures
For petite figures

Tall figure

The height of a catwalk model, you tower above your friends.

Dress Dos: Tall brides can carry off almost any dress style. Just pick the best for you. 

Dress Don’ts: Stay away from empire line dresses, which risk looking almost tent-like on willowy frames.

Dress Dos: Tall brides can also try princess dresses. 

Dress Dos: A-line dresses are another great look for tall girls.

For tall shapes
For tall shapes


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