How To Say 'I Do' From The Bottom Of Your Shoe

Deciding on the perfect pair of wedding shoes can be a tricky task. They've got to match your dress, suit your style and not cripple you before the end of the night. So how would you feel about your husband to be scribbling a message on the soles? We've noticed a surge in men leaving sentimental love notes on their fiancées heels, and here's our very own 'how to'. Husbands-to-be - watch and learn!

Our favourite trend of the moment is personalised wedding shoes – who knew graffiti could be so romantic? Over at You & Your Wedding HQ we’ve taken the trend into our own hands to show our readers just how easy it is to create your own shoe-based love note for the big day. We advise pencilling on your message first (soles with scribbles aren't ideal for walking down the aisle after all), and choosing either a personal message or a quote that represents your future for your customised pair.

Whether the thought of your man leaving you a message on your dream shoes fills you with joy or fury, it's impossible to deny that it's a super-cute idea. Let us know what you think - would you be happy to find a secret message on your W-day heels? 

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09/03/2017 at 08:17

Worth remembering that if you kneel as part of your service the congregation will see your soles - the words in this how to video would be upside down!


08/03/2017 at 13:41

It just looks lovely