Bobbi’s Skincare Luxuries kit

Why every new bride should keep this little box of tricks stashed in their hand luggage

Like every good beauty editor, even before the plane is airborne my make-up is a distant memory, replaced by a generous layer of moisturiser. This cute kit comes complete with a rich eye cream, a luxe moisturiser and Bobbi’s soothing balm, which feels great on any dry areas in need of hydration (including your heels if you’re a socks-off kind of traveller.) And it aces all the restrictions on carry on liquid size too.

But what I love the most about this kit is that it will ensure you look the most glamorous honeymooner on the plane, even when you’re sleeping. Use a little of the soothing balm over your cheeks to give them a pretty sheen, slick on some of the shimmery lipgloss, pull down the mask then snuggle into your new hubby’s shoulder and get some shut-eye.

When you do eventually de-plane at your destination you’ll look and feel fabulously fresh. Honeymoon, here you come!

Bobbi’s Skincare Luxuries kit, £35.67,


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